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Resume of BY / JDA Consultant: PEN120

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Blue Yonder WMS Technical Architect - JDA WMS Technical Architect




Blue Yonder WMS Consultant/ Solution Architect


Over twenty years of experience with 13+ years of BY/JDA WMS experiences. Strong Software Engineering Architect and Technologist with deep expertise in Blue Yonder / JDA / RedPrairie WMS products developing custom solutions using MOCA, DDA, Integrator and ReportWriter.




Java, C, C++, JavaScript, SQL, XML, HTML, UML.


 DLx WMS 2007.x -2014.x, JDA-WMS 8.2, JDA-WMS9.1, MOCA,DDA,

ReportWriter, Integrator, NiceLabel,LextEdit, Jasper Report, Groovy


Web and Mobile

 HTML5 , CSS, Flex, JavaScript, JQuery, Android


Oracle, SQLServer, Sybase, DB2.

Methodologies and Design Concepts

AgileMethodogy, Rational Unified Process, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, SOA, Design Patterns, Relational Database Design.

Tools and Application Servers

WebSphere, JBoss, WebLogic, Eclipse, Ant, WSAD, RationalRose, VisualStudio, CVS, PVCS, MKS.


J2EE, J2SE, JSF, JSP, Servlet, Struts , Hibernate, Spring, JDBC, EJB, ESB,SOA

Network Protocols




04/2021- Present

Senior BY WMS Architect

Worked in migrating the RP-WMS2013 version of the WMS environment to BY-WMS2020. Reviewed the current customizations and made design and development changes to MOCA and Java components. Designed and built new Page Builder pages for the customized UI screens.




 Senior  Technical Architect 

Worked as a Blue Yonder technical architect in  leading integration of the SAP S4 Hana, JDA-WMS, Blu Jay and Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) products to run the warehouse operation of the La Farge WI. Distribution Center.

05/2019 -


Senior Solution Architect 

Worked as a JDA consultant in the implementation of the JDA-WMS2018  product to run the warehouse operation of the Jonestown, PA Distribution Center. Helped define the functional workflows for the new operations, came-up with Gap Analysis, Defined Solution , Helped with Configuration and Testing of the end-to-end system for all workflows related to Inbound and Outbound operation. Supported the operations teams during Go-Live, instrumental in troubleshooting from technical and functional aspects to keep the operations moving. 



Senior Solution Architect 

Provide on-going production support and enhancement to the Harley-Davidson warehousing operation of Metro Canada. Designed and developed MOCA, RF, C components to improve the efficiency of the inventory receiving, inventory control and order fulfillment aspects of the operations. The system they used was RP-WMS2012 in a UNIX environment with Oracle database.




JDA WMS Project Lead 

Lead the implementation of the JDA-WMS8.2 product to run the warehouse operation of the Greenville Distribution Center. Worked closely with the Valeant team to analyze the requirements of the logistics operations, document the requirements, develop the proper solution to handle all the workflows for receiving, putaway, order management, picking and shipping process. Designed and lead the development teams to create custom modules to handle the Integration to Host system and special processing of sample orders to be shipped in high volume





Senior JDA WMS Consultant

Provided solution design and implementation leadership for JDA-WMS 9.1 rollout of O&M healthcare distribution centers in North America. Provided clear upgrade plan to move their existing RedPrairie WMS-2012 to JDA-WMS 9.1 . Lead the installation of 9.1 server, solution design and configuration for a distribution center in Virginia. Identified the requirements gap and came up with technical design , custom software module  to address the specific business requirements for O&M.  As part of the customization created new UI screens, Labels and Reports to meet the operational needs of the warehouse.





Senior JDA WMS Consultant

Designed, developed and configured the shipping and trailer load management process using JDA-WMS-2014 to integrate the inventory coming from the manufacturing line to the shipping trailer.  Supported the Go-Live efforts and enhancement efforts at Mars Chocolate manufacturing plants in Elizabethtown, PA and Topeka, KS.



Penske Logistics


Senior JDA WMS Architect and  Consultant

Designed and developed the RedPrairie (2014)WMS Interfaces using Integrator to external ERP systems like SAP and  Oracle for Penske’s customers like Navistar, Starbucks  and Wawa. Provided technical leadership to the Penske IT teams from start to finish for  the implementation of three Redprairie implementation projects. As part of these implementations designed and developed several custom reports, labels, DDA, MOCA commands and configured the WMS to work according to project requirements. Provided on-going technical production support to all of the JDA-WMS systems at Penske customers such as Navistar, Starbucks and WaWa.


06/2013- 03/2014



Senior JDA WMS Consultant

Designed and developed custom MOCA commands and DDA to optimize the inbound receiving process to process ASN downloads to the Redprairie WMS. The server side processing was further optimized with an asynchronous background task that processed user request for multiple ASN’s in a single request, saving valuable time from the current time consuming single threaded process.


01/2013 – 06/2013

Makita USA

Los Angeles, CA

Senior JDA WMS  Consultant


Created custom Integrator transactions between RPWMS2010 and Host system to download Orders, Master Invoice and send Shipment notification. Added new shipment consolidation rules using MOCA/C components. Worked closely with the project team to document the process flow and configure the RPWMS2010 according to Makita operational requirements. Designed and developed custom shipping labels using NiceLabel and reports specific to business requirements for Makita.


01/2012- 12/2012


Mooresville, NC

Senior JDA WMS Consultant

Provided technical leadership to the Lowes (second largest home improvement retailer) project team to add new functionality to the RedPrairie WMS system. Analyzed and proposed solutions using MOCA, SQL, DDA and ReportWriter.Helped them diagnose several server performance issues by analyzing MOCA trace logs with integration to other ERP systems and the RPWMS instance.  The system ran on a UNIX environment with a combination of Java and C based server side components. And it supported 15 distribution centers of Lowes in North America with millions of orders getting processed through this system.




Grand Rapids, MI

Technical Lead /Software Architect

Dematic is a global leader providing an impressive range of intelligent logistics and materials handling solutions.

 Built a brand new Order Fulfillment product for Dematic’s logistic application suite using the Java platform to run large distribution centers for Fortune 500 customers. Worked closely with the sales and marketing organization to define the product road map for different vertical industries. Created the technical architecture, design and then wrote the key pieces of the software using Swing Components, Java Web Service framework and the Oracle PL/SQL package for back end data access. In addition to building this new application also wrote the software layer to integrate it with other products within Dematic using TCP/IP sockets and Java Threads.

Technologies used Java, Swing, Java Web Service, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, Berkley Socket, and Windows Server




Atlanta, GA

Senior Project Leader

RedPrairie is a supply chain software company serving Fortune500 clients.

Designed and developed a load planning tool for the RP 2007.1 WMS implementation for Lowes, a leading home improvement retailer, to help plan shipments using the RP development language MOCA, SQL, DDA and Report Write. Wrote test scripts to test all aspects of the workflow for the RPWMS installation. Worked closely with the operations team to come up with SOP’s that help train the warehouse workers with the new RPWMS System

Build a customized module for UnitedFacilities, a large 3PL that performed logistics for General Mills, that optimized and streamlined their kitting process using MOCA, MTF, DDA,  SQL and Oracle. Create custom shipping labels using MOCA and NiceLabel software to optimize the shipping process. Lead the testing effort to cover all the new warehouse processes and workflows with RPWMS. The testing effort was based on detailed test scripts for all inbound and outbound processes within a warehouse.

Developed a customized module for CibaVision, a leading manufacturer of contact lenses, to streamline their shipping process for bundling packages using  C, MOCA, DDA, Integrator,  SQL, Groovy, and Oracle. Also designed and developed custom shipping labels using NiceLabel software for UPS and USPS carriers for Intermec printers. Worked closely with the customer team to write a comprehensive suite of test scripts that covered all the workflows within the inbound and outbound process of the warehouse.

Lead the implementation teams to configure and customize the DLx WMS for third party logistics companies KattLogistics, MaterialLogic and WordlWideLogistics. Responsible for developing the solution summary, implementing the solution, go-live and post-go live support to the customers.


Manhattan Associates

Atlanta, GA

Principal Software Engineer - Product Development

Lead a software engineering team building the next generation of warehouse management solution based on the java platform with responsibility for managing a team of developers on-shore and off-shore. Designed  and developed the foundational software frameworks for the UI and Business Layer using JSF, Hibernate and Spring to build functional modules for the new warehouse management software. The product was designed based on an event driven architecture on J2EE platform.

Technologies used Java, EJB,JMS, JDBC, JNDI, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, XML, Oracle, Eclipse, and WebLogic.

Provided technical and architecture leadership to one of the teams consisting of 5-8 software developers that co-developed the Transportation Management System for Wal-Mart. Worked closely with the project team from Wal-Mart to define the business process for transportation planning, network optimization, carrier bidding, execution and transportation billing. Played a vital role in managing the global development group to deliver a technical solution that was scalable and production ready on an aggressive schedule. Using this new system Wal-Mart was able to save $15-20 million in transportation costs annually.

∙ Advised and communicated product development strategy and roadmap to senior management.

∙ Managed the on-shore and off-shore teams to deliver innovative products on time and within budget.

∙ Implemented a transportation management system for Wal-Mart to optimize its trucking networks.

∙ Instrumental in capturing market share and additional revenue in several millions by bringing in new customers like Kroger and Home Depot, some of the largest retailers in U.S.

Technologies used Java, EJB,JMS, JDBC, Jsp, Servlet, Struts, Hibernate, Spring,XML, Oracle, DB2, PL/SQL, Eclipse, and WebLogic.

04/2000- 12/2005

Vanguard Group - Senior Software Engineer

Charlotte , NC

The Vanguard Group is the world’s largest pure no-load mutual fund company, providing financial products and services to individual investors and institutional investors in the United States and abroad.

Lead a team of 5-8 developers to build the next generation b2b net-centric enterprise application for the 401(k) customers of The Vanguard Group, which enabled the business to attract new customers and deepen the loyalty and relationship of the existing customers. The new platform was built on a distributed architecture based on the J2EE platform. The application ran in a clustered WebLogic application server environment hosted by several sun Solaris boxes.

Built a distributed web application for the retail investors of The Vanguard Group that served 6-7 million customers. This application provided account balance, asset allocation and fund performance for the user. The system was based on a MVC design pattern with the presentation layer developed using Struts, Jsp, Html, and JavaScript and the mid-tier business components were developed using Hibernate, Jdbc, Ejb, and Oracle Stored Procedure.


Software Engineer

Designed and implemented new technical solutions.


Charleston, SC

CSI has spent over 20 years driving solutions that overcome challenges within supply chain execution and providing applications that power and optimize dynamic customer fulfillment.


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