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JDA Software Consultant


A motivated, dependable, and bilingual professional with solid experience with Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Supply Chain Management
systems gained in various industries including pharmaceuticals, automotive, powdered metals, furniture, bio medical, retail and CPG.  JDA Consultant
experienced in all aspects of WM, Logistics, S&OP, Master Planning, Demand and Supply Planning, and Purchasing in a manufacturing environment.  
Highly skilled at organizing and managing complex ERP/MRP/EDI/Shop Floor projects, problem solving, defining priorities, business assessments and
solutions, and ensuring budget compliance.  Experience managing as many as 12 people as a department lead and over 25 people as a Project Manager.  
I have over 8 years in Pharmaceuticals/Medical environment, over 10 in a CPG and over 20 years in ERP/APS implementations. Demonstrated areas of
expertise include:

Analytical Skills                Planning/Coordinating        Business Development                Project Management        Client Relations
Communications        Planning/Negotiations        Budgeting Management                Market Forecasting        Market Analysis
Strategic Planning        Presentation Skills        Team Building/Management        Leadership Skills        Operations
Program Developer        Personnel Management        Policy & Procedures                Training/Development        Goal Setting
Compliance                Problem Solving                Interpersonal Skills                Organizational Skills        Self-Starter

JDA / Manugistics S&OP and Master Planning Experience Highlights

Master Planning Highlights:

CHEP Pallets Orlando
•        Re-implementation of MP 7.2 for CHEP's 70 US DC's to have highest met orders while also keep transportation costs low
•        Trained in house employees, created documentation, ran CRP/UAT

Black and Decker HH Division
•        Implementation of Demand, MP, Fulfillment in the MTO business group
•        Trained in house employees, created documentation, ran CRP/UAT

Avon Colombia (CPE)

•        Implementation of MP, Deployment, Fulfillment of Avon's "Core Model"
•        Trained in house employees, created documentation, ran CRP/UAT (Speak, read, and write Spanish)

S&OP Highlights

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

•        Implementation of Demand, Supply and S&OP
•        Worked with all business groups from Production to Sales and Marketing
•        Trained, created SOP documentation, also developed Excess and Obsolete SOP and tied yearly forecast in line with financial forecast.

Starbucks Coffee
•        S&OP for the five business units, train, develop KPI and documentation, etc

•        S&OP for the five business units, train, develop KPI and documentation, etc

Kirk Pharmaceuticals
•        S&OP for the five business units, train, develop KPI and documentation, etc


Various Consulting Assignments –
Solutions   Architect                                                                                                                             2009-2010
•        Conducting Master Planning implementation at Gallo Wines
•        Implementing JDA Demand, Master Planning, Fulfillment, and Deployment v7.4 for Avon Colombia (CPE).
•        Conducted As Is, Training, CRP, and iCRP in Spanish for Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian employees.
•        Wrote and developed CRP, iCRP, and UAT scripts.
•        Developed Solution for Master Planning being used for a 3rd Party manufacturer.

Senior Consultant                                                                                    2008- 2009
•        Implemented JDA Demand and Master Planning v7.2 for Black and Decker.
•        Prepared and conducted training in Spanish for Mexicali manufacturing plant support staff.
•        Post support for different go live stages.
•        Responsible for daily BRD documentation during breakout sessions.

ERP Implementation Manager                                                                    2007- 2008
•        Lead training for all modules and departments from Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service and Shop Floor.
•        Established Inventory Management System which included cycle counting, SOP’s, and procedures.
•        Time studies, Capacity analysis, and Work Center creation.
•        Review of Technical documents, Data gathering/cleansing and Batch records.
•        Supervised all IT/IS/EDI functions.
•        Validating software to meet FDA requirements.
•        Lead project implementation of Alere ERP/MRP system.
•        Maintained and calculated all standard costs of finished goods.

Director of Sales Training and Implementation                                2005-2007
•        Responsible for implementing CRM software and training entire sales force.
•        Developed marketing plan, including web design, mail campaign, and tradeshows.
•        Oversaw installing of customer orders and assisted in customer service.
•        Individually responsible for sales of over $500,000 in six months.
•        Developed sales training SOP and manuals.

Manager of Strategic Planning and Analysis                                                2004-2005
•        Oversaw Master Planning department of the US with several direct reports.
•        Re-engineering Manugistics Software and integrated Networks Demand, Supply and Strategy ver. 7.2
•        Drove cost savings of 6 mil.
•        Set up training classes and SOP’s for all Supply Chain related departments.
•        Improved overall solution from Supply (Master Planning) by 90% driving unmet orders down.

Senior Planner                                                                        2003-2004
•        Responsible for master planning of over 1000 SKU’s at two manufacturing plants.
•        Managed buyer/planners for all raw materials and packaged components.
•        Aided in implementation of JDEdwards.
•        Worked as liaison between Implementation team and production floor to assure proper Master Planning.
•        Reduced back orders by 40% in 4 months.

Independent Consultant – Project Manager in a Supply Chain practice                                        1998-2003
•        Assessed Haggar Corp.’s Demand Planning group, identified $30M in savings, and implemented PeopleSoft’s eRecruit at THR successfully and
under budget.
•        Managed ASP model of an i2 Trade Matrix BR1 model for a dot COM Company.
•        Responsible for project management services to clients and managed relationships with resellers.
•        Project Manager on a Demand implementation at Gillette for five business units, and performed training and pre-sales work.
•        Aided in setting up process flows and future guidelines.
•        Implemented Manugistics Supply D at Condumex.
•        Conducted Demand assessments at Starbucks.

Sunbeam – Forecast Manager                                                                                1998
•        Responsible for global forecast and execution of the production plan at the manufacturing plants and distribution centers for consumable goods.  
•        Assisted in the absorption of First Alert into current forecasting/manufacturing system.
•        Made analyses that aided in transferring production from Mexican plants to outsourcing in China.
•        Forecasted on Demand Solutions, later to be implemented on JD Edward’s version 7.3 late 1998.

Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Co. – Master Planner III                                                1996-1998
•        Responsible for master scheduling over 1000 OEM catalog numbers, ensuring a minimum of 98% customer service level, and turning inventory six
times per year.  
•        Accountable for logistics of purchasing, shipping, packaging and receiving.
•        Evaluated global demand, and planned manufacturing schedules for various S.B.U.’s throughout North America, Latin America and Asia.  
•        Analyses included global excess and obsolete finished goods inventory, along with quarterly reports on a variety of manufacturing metrics and
plant efficiencies.  
•        Projects included the implementation of Manugistics (Demand software ver. 5.4).

Dade International – Planner II                                                                                1995-1996
•        Responsible for ordering raw biological and chemical materials that were processed into components used in Immunochemistry Assay Kits.  
•        Used PRMS to schedule and supervise the production of components, raw material testing, kit testing and packaging.  
•        Ran MRP to trigger the release of work orders and purchase orders.
•        Implemented blanket orders with vendors on ‘A’ level items to assure delivery/price.  
•        Learned ISO 9000, Regulatory Affairs and FDA Audits.  
•        Made adjustments of all routers to better reflect the true lead-time of manufacturing experience in implementing change request and exception
reports to improve production and MPS achievement.  

Loewenstein Inc. – Production Scheduler Supervisor                                                        1990-1994
•        Responsible for master scheduling and production control.  
•        Involved in an eight-week certification program for version 8.3 and the new configurator from System Start Up.  
•        Responsible for all areas of MRP, MPS, Shop Floor and B.O.M.
•        Trained employees on new version and produced a user manual for the Master Scheduling Department.


ERP Systems experience – JDEdwards, Computer Associates, Oracle 9i – 11i Supply Chain, PeopleSoft and SAP

APS experience – JDA(Manugistics) Demand and Master Planning, I2, Demand Solutions

Rutgers University – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
/3 PP, MM, and LE.  
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