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JDA Software Consultant

Over 15 years of supply chain project implementation experience from initial Requirements gathering phases through testing and post-production
support and training in several facets of the retail industry. Strong JDA SCPO architecture, STSC, CSMMGR, NWMGR schemas, IGP, SRE and CSM.

Project Summary

JDA lead Technical for three GRS applications for a major. Interact with business partners to gather requirements and provide solution for best business
practice. Provide solution design activities and support in various industries including Government, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retailer, and
Food/Beverages. Lead and support of the implementation of JDA Demand Planning and Fulfillment. Develop functional and technical documentation.
Production support, including initial and on-going end user training, on-going end user support and long-term system modification/customization as

Relevant Work History

Lead Business/Technical Consultant –
(08/2010  present)

Developed oracle scripts to manipulate JDA (version 7.5) SCPO tables; Developed Oracle scripts to transfer data from IGP to live tables utilizing
partitioning. Modified stored procedures in NWMGR schemaInteracted with business partner to ensure they use the JDA product effectively. Provided
solutions for best practice and Assisted in production migration JDA (version 7.5).Modified several UI modules, Parameter Work Bench and Utilized
Process Manager to monitor SRE processes.

Lead Technical Consultant - (01/2010  08/2010)

Developed technical documentation JDA (version 7.5); developed Oracle scripts. Interacted with business partner to gather requirements. Provided
solutions for best practice. Lead design, data mapping and technical meeting. Assist national and international users with test scripts. Resolve defects
utilizing Quality Control (HPQC). Assisted in production migration. Provided on-boarding training.

Senior Consultant - (09/2008  11/2009)

Developed functional and technical documentation. Developed and build interface for the JDA Inventory Policy Optimization. Captured production data
from a client application and converted it and loaded into JDA IPO. Developed stored procedures to populate the JDA tables (version 7.4).Developed
interfaces to create flat files in support of the SAP application. Enhanced existing Oracle procedures and JDA data feeds to handle new data sources.

Senior Consultant - (11/2007  09/2008)
Re-architected enterprise infrastructure to accommodate organizational structure changes for the Manugistics Data Warehouse solution. Modified
Oracle PL/SQL packages and stored procedures to handle new data sources and complex conditional processing for JDA Demand Planning. Prepared
technical documentation and training materials for user training and knowledge transfer.

Senior Consultant (01/2007  10/2007)

Developed interfaces for JDA Demand Planning and JDA Fulfillment.Utilized Oracle utilities such as PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, packages, stored procedures,
and functions to populated JDA tables (version 7.4).Developed interfaces to create flat files in support of the SAP application. Developed UNIX script to
execute new and existing processes.

Senior Consultant (02/2003  01/2007)

Provided on-going production support for JDA SCPO versions 7.2.1. and 7.4.Analyzed, documented, designed, coded, tested, implemented and
maintained several Oracle stored procedures and interfaces to support JDA SCPO, Made to Order (MTO), FutureCalc, and DFU Restructure. Used SQL
and PL/SQL extensively to validate and perform data transformation. Developed Oracle stored procedures, functions, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader to populate
JDA tables for JDA Demand Planning.

Senior Consultant (07/2000  12/2002)

Developed stored procedures and PL/SQL programs to populate JDA tables to support JDA Demand Planning, Planned Order, Order Management and
Schedule Repository. Provided on-going production support to JDA SCPO applications. Created technical design documents, capacity planning and
impact analysis deliverables for downstream applications.

Technical Consultant (04/1998  05/2000)

Developed stored procedures and PL/SQL programs to retrieve data from Teradata EDW Claims and Membership database. Converted existing MVS
Focus application to Oracle using PL/SQL which resulted in a cost saving of $750,000 annually. Created numerous source to target SQL code to validate
and transform data from MVS data mapping to EDW data mapping.

Senior Consultant (03/1996  04/1998)

Analyzed and identified the impact of Hybrid 2.0 individual application on the Membership application and PowerBuilder GUI membership application.
Developed PL/SQL stored procedure packages to process collected data from various applications within the system. Created shell scripts to handle file


Project Management
Data Mapping
Solution Design
Application Configuration
JDA Demand
JDA Fulfillment
Oracle DBMS
CA7 Scheduler
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