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Hyperion Software Consultant

Developer, architect, implementer and administrator of Hyperion Planning/Essbase.  MBA with proven experience collaborating with FP&A and
Consolidation teams gathering requirements, designing, programming and implementing financial, planning & accounting systems.  Has very good
Hyperion calc scripts skills and is proficient in troubleshooting and fixing calc scripts. Has work on MDX calc scripts 2 years ago.  In the 90's, wrote
thousands of lines of flawless programming code for multi-dimensional databases using post relational languages.


Technical:        •        Wrote thousands of line of flawless programming scripts/ code
•        Hyperion’s Essbase OLAP 9.3. Calc, Maxl, MDX, XML scripting, AAS, Shared Services, Planning 9.3, HBR (Business Rules), Smartview 9, EXCEL Visual
Basic API, macros and VBA/VBS programming, Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, Workspace, HAL 9.2, Financial Reporting 9.2, Enterprise 6.2.2.
•        MSAD, LDAP and NTLM.  Pillar, EIS (Intergration Services with Hybrid Analysis and Drill-Through), Analyzer, Data Mining. Weblogic.
•        Oracle 10g PL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, ACCESS, Office, C,  Unix shell and Perl scripting.  Webmaster and System Administrator for Finance
websites using Frontpage, HTML, CGI, Java script, XML, configuring SSL, NFS Maestro and Microsoft IIS/ MMC.  Informix, Oracle 9i, DB2 (7 & 8), Brio,
TomCat 4 applicaton server, Jrun4 Java Application Server and SPSS. Unidata and Advanced Revelation post-relational databases.
•        VMware, Windows XP, Window 2003, Solaris Sun SPARC 2.8, AIX 5.1, HP/UX 10, Linux AS 2.1, DOS, ODBC, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, TELNET, FTP &  Net
  •        Scored top grades in my MBA Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, MIS & Statistics classes.  
•        Collaboratively designed Financial Consolidation, Planning, Forecasting systems with FP&A Directors/Analysts.  
•        Troubleshoot, supported and delivered Sales/Bookings Forecasting, Actuals Reporting, GL, A/P, A/R, Inventory, BOM, Supply Chain, CRM, HR,
Payroll, Order Entry, Sales, Manufacturing, Treasury & Foreign Exchange systems.  
•        Excelled in forecasting the 2007-‘09 Real Estate, Banking, financial, consumer meltdown.  


Client., San Jose, CA                        2/09 to present (temporary)
Planning infrastructure & Essbase consultant

•        Migrated Planning, Financial Report, Web Analysis 9.2 to 9.3.1.  Improved Financial Reporting.  Created HAL 9.2 templates for updating Planning
outline.  Installed and configured Planning & Essbase 9.3.1.  Executed SQL against HSP* Planning tables in M/S SQLserver 2003 to perform some
configuration.  Improved performance of Essbase and Planning.  

                          4/08  to 2/09 (consultant after 2/09)
Planning & Essbase developer

•        Researched new requirements, collaboratively, with FP&A Directors, managers and Analysts.

•        Successfully re-architected/ re-designed, programmed and implemented driver based Budgeting and rolling Forecasts using Hyperion Planning
9.3.1 and Workforce Planning 9.3.1.  (Replaced Pillar and a couple of Planning consultants)
•        Developed Calc scripts/ Business Rules for Expense allocation, currency conversion and depreciation of CapEx. Wrote PL/SQL reports to extract
Supporting Details from HSP tables in Oracle 10G repository.
•        Created allocation scripts for Corporate Budgeting and Actuals-Consolidation cubes.  Created new dimension in Planning and cubes. Improved
performance of Essbase and Planning.  Researched workarounds to bugs in Smartview, trained supported Planning users.  Extracted data from HFM,
liaised between Finance and IT. Documented Planning processes.

                                    11/06 – 1/08
Essbase developer (consultant)

Designed, re-architected and created new cubes for Sales Forecasting applications using attributes and shared hierarchies across ASO/BSO partitions.  
Improved performance using Query Tracking;  Essbase 7.1.5 ASO databases using Maxl, Linux scripts and Essbase’s Excel API in VBA/VBS.  Improved
performance of Essbase.

8/05 – 10/06
Planning & Essbase developer (consultant)  

•        Supported corporate Financial Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting, External and Management Reporting systems in Hyperion Planning 3.5.1, and
Enterprise 6.2.2.  Installed, configured and documented Planning 4.0.2, HBR, JRUN4 and Smartview.
•        Improved performance and programmed in Essbase 6.5.5, 7.1.3 ASO databases using MDX and Excel API in VBA.  
•        Configured and implement LDAP external authentication with SSL encryption for Essbase and Planning.
•        Implemented SOX compliant Disaster Recovery system.  Installed & upgraded software on test and production systems.

                                                    9/04 to 7/05
Hyperion Essbase/ Planning Developer and Database Administrator          

•        Solely responsible for all Hyperion Planning and Essbase administration and development.
•        Completed all projects successfully including design and implementation of new Dimensions into Planning using Essbase, Esscmd, Maxl and Perl
scripts. Installed and upgraded to Essbase 7.1.2 and Planning 4.0.1.  Developed Maxl, ActiveState Perl 5.8 & Oracle SQLplus scripts in Windows2000.  
•        Administered and supported worldwide financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, modeling and consolidations/external reporting systems.  
Managed compensation, sales, expense, headcount, productivity and other key financial metrics reporting for top executives.
•        Wrote new allocation and currency conversion Essbase calc scripts.  Documented and gave presentations on entire Planning, Forecasting and
External Reporting systems.  Implemented SOX compliance.

                            6/03 to 9/04
Senior AIS/ Essbase Technical Analyst  
•        Managed, researched and resolved complex Essbase, calc, Esscmd  scripting, Essbase Integration service (EIS) with Hybrid Analysis, Drill-Through
& ODBC. EDS, ESS, Hub, Analyzer,  Enterprise, Maxl and Visual Basic API cases from Hyperion customers.  Communicated timely expert solutions,
workarounds and consultation to ensure customer satisfaction
•        Documented solutions and/or workaround in Knowledge Database that is shared with customers
•        Replicated customer’s bugs by setting up their RDBMS/Hyperion systems in-house.  Reported defects to QA for repairs and enhancements.
•        Optimized, configured and maintained Essbase/EIS systems including ODBC, outlines, calcs,  databases, data loads
•        Troubleshot and improved VBA/ API/ Maxl/ Esscmd scripts

                          12/99 to 6/03
Financial Consolidation Technical Team Leader
•        Helped reduce Month-End Close processing from 13 days to 7 days (Best in Class accomplishment).
•        Researched and found the source of $15 million discrepancy in suspense account.  
•        Lead a global team that supported Corporate Financial Reporting and Enterprise wide consolidation systems
•        Successfully completed all my projects.  Successfully resolved all of the toughest problems encountered in our mission-critical applications thereby
ensuring high availability, accuracy and customer satisfaction
•        Pro-actively and continuously optimized Essbase, Informix, SQL programs/ scripts.  Created Essbase and Korn Shell scripts to improve efficiency
thus reducing' manual workload.
•        Investigated and recovered all Essbase, Financial applications, websites and server crashes.
•        Supported Finance’s Global Treasury applications and processes including Oracle database, M/S Access and the highly complex Wall Street
Treasury System.
•        Webmaster of corporate consolidation finance websites.
•        Removed bugs from and optimized a custom Visual Basic/ Essbase API application that administered Essbase security across 5 servers.  
•        Constantly improved procedural manuals and technical troubleshooting documentation used by support personnel.

  1994 to 1999
Retail programmer and Systems Analyst of CRM, HR, Supply Chain systems
Programmed and supported HR, payroll, Order Entry, A/P, A/R, GL & Inventory systems using post-relational DBMS languages on Unix and Windows
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