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Has extensive experience in information systems engineering and integration of application systems;
within both business and government environments. He is a specialist in the Remedy Action Request
System, data modeling, database design and system development methodologies, and an expert in
Client Server, Application Server Provider (ASP), SQL and relational database application design and
development including help desk, technical support and customer support applications.  He is a
certified Remedy Approved Consultant (RAC) in all their product lines (6.0, ITSM suite 5.5, CRS and CSS
and QM 5.0).  He has 11 years of Remedy design, development and implementation experience.


Specific technical experience includes the following:
•        Requirements analysis
•        Business Process analysis
•        Data modeling and Data Flow Diagramming and analysis
•        Application design and development
•        Project Management
•        Information systems engineering
•        Technical management, sales, and marketing
•        Relational database application design and development
•        Client Server presentations and seminars
•        Help desk, technical support, and customer support applications
•        Business development
•        Web site design and development
•        Customer Support and Server Center design and implementation
•        Application and ASP Consulting practice development

University of Nebraska - MA, Business Management,
New Hampshire College - BS, Business Administration
Bellevue College - BA, Business Management


12/04: (Client Name withheld)  – Consultant provided technical support for the training of Knolls
Remedy Administrators on the new versions of Remedy ITSM Software including the use of Remedy
Developer Plus and DSO.
11/04-12/04: (Client Name withheld)  – Consultant, trained a NYL Business Resumption Services (BRS)
team on the use of the Remedy Crisis Response System (CRS) application, input NYL Master Recovery
Plans, Application Recovery Plans and Recovery Planning Guides into CRS and executed simulations to
assist the team in evaluation of the CRS product.  He assisted BRS Management developed a
presentation on the benefits of using the Remedy CRS at NYL.
05/04-10/04: (Client Name withheld)  – Consultant, designed, tested and implemented changes to the
VeriSign Security Operations Center Remedy application to accommodate the migration of Customers
supported on a Clarify system in Chicago.  The project included mapping the Clarify fields to Remedy
fields, adding fields and functions to Remedy where required, data cleanup and migration.  The project
was successfully completed short of time and budget.
1/03-04/04: (Client Name withheld)  - Participated in the market testing of the Remedy Crisis Response
System (CRS).  In support of the CRS market evaluation he attended a Business Continuity Planning
(BCP) certification course at USC.  During the period he was certified in Remedy Action Request System

9/03-12/03:- (Client Name withheld)  - Consultant was a key member of a team to record IT Assets
(eleven separate asset databases) and their relationships into Remedy Asset Management.  The
project included migrating ITSM 5.0 to 5.5.
8/03-9/03:- (Client Name withheld)  – Consultant conducted a review of their Remedy Help Desk
application with recommendations on the steps they should take to upgrade to Remedy 5.12.  The
project included: installation and demonstration of Remedy Mid-Tier 5.1.2 and ITSM 5.5; tasks to
upgrade their application to the ITSM 5.5 suite and a description of the skills required for a full-time
Remedy Administrator.
4/03-8/03: (Client Name withheld)   – Consultant designed and implemented a 50 screen medical web
application in Remedy 5.1.2 Mid-Tier.
1/03-present: (Client Name withheld)  - Participated in the market testing of the Remedy Crisis
Response System (CRS).  In support of the CRS market evaluation he attended a Business Continuity
Planning (BCP) certification course at USC.
10/02-12/02: (Client Name withheld)  - Performed QA testing of their Remedy 5.0 web application prior to
nationwide release.
9/02: (Client Name withheld)  – Conducted an analysis and review of their Remedy 5.0 application and
their design philosophy with recommendations on expanding the application to support more Federal
2001-2002: (Client Name withheld)  . – Consultant, recruited staff; developed: company processes,
procedures, delivery methodology; designed and implemented the QMX web site; led the transfer of
the ARSList to QMX; and served as a Remedy Developer and Technical Architect for QMX Project Teams.
2001: (Client Name withheld)  – Designed a Remedy based import tracking application for use by North
America and European companies that outsource product manufacturing to China firms.  Lead the
conversion of Remedy Help Desk products to simple Chinese.
(Client Name withheld)  –Technical Architect for Project Teams while also maintaining a 90% billable
ratio.  Consultant has been responsible for the application design, development, testing, and
implementation of Enterprise Support Solutions based on the Remedy Action Request System and
Remedy’s suite of Enterprise products.  Projects have included Analysis and design for:
Distributed Server System for the California Independent System Organization
Web interface for the City of Long Beach;
Migration of legacy support systems for: Prudential Insurance, and the Federal Emergency
Management Agency
Change Management system for Lockheed Martin
Help Desk application upgrade for Miller Brewery and Maintenance Warehouse
Electronic Data Interface for NorthPoint Communications
Application enhancements for International Network Systems and Omnes Network Systems
Help Desk applications for: Veritas, UCLA-CTS, Workscape and Sony Entertainment HR.
Crystal Reports report design or Saudi Aramco.
Implementation of an Asset Utilization and Purchase Requisition system for Wal-Mart Logistics
Distribution Centers
Implementation of a Customer Support, Quality Management and Contract management application for
Sales Force Automation using Remedy’s Sales Continuum for Edgix
Customer Support with HP Openview interface for Telnex
Trouble Ticking application for Teligent
Remedy based Application Server Provider (ASP) Business Solutions
Consultant has participated in the Alpha and Beta testing of Remedy’s Action Request System version
4, the training courses for Remedy CRM, Sales Continuum, SetUp @Work, Purchase Requisition, and
Asset Management , and the Remedy Approved Consultant certification.  He has been developing
Remedy based applications since Remedy release 1.0 in 1992, and is the first Remedy Approved
Consultant (RAC).  Consultant is considered a world-class authority on the system design and
implementation of the Remedy Action Request System and represented SHL, MCI, VISTA and QMX on
the Remedy Channel Partner Advisory Council.  In addition, he has worked with the Apriori,
ServiceWare, Scopus, Software Artistry, Tivoli Service Desk, SolutionBuilder, Support Magic, and the
Vantive customer support products.
(Client Name withheld)  - As a Senior Technical Architect, Program Director Client Server Applications,
Program Director Enterprise Support Solutions, Chief Scientist, and Chief Architect Enterprise Help
Desk Solutions, Consultant has been responsible for the application design, development, testing, and
implementation of Enterprise Help Desks.  Projects include: ComEd, Elections Canada, Canada Post, CN
Rail, Disney/Vista United Telecom, Fort James, Group CIFRA, Intel Corp., networkMCI Service Direct,
Newcourt Credit Group, Proceda, Sparbanken NOR, Systemhouse Outsourcing Centers, Weyerhaeuser,
and the WEPEX project help desk; technical support; customer support; call tracking; problem,
inventory, configuration and change management; and work order systems. He has conducted
requirements workshops for: AMGEN, AT&T GIS, CAE, Compaq, Eli Lilly, Exxon, Fannie Mae, Fluor Daniel,
Levi Strauss, Malam Systems, Proctor and Gamble, SHL Quebec, Standard Insurance, Starbucks Coffee,
US West and 3M help desk/technical support systems. For Alliance Data Systems he developed a Help
Desk customer migration strategy. He has conducted Help Desk design reviews for: Allina Health
Systems, Cadence Design Systems, and Dell. At Microsoft, he developed Functional Design
Specifications for their internal Help Desk system. He was on the committee that selected
SolutionBuilder as the knowledgebase for the Outsourcing Centers.  During the SolutionBuilder
implementation, he served as technical architect and recommended improvements in the products
performance.  He also conducted Client Server seminars at various locations in Ottawa and Montreal.  
Consultant represented Systemhouse on the Remedy Channel Partner Advisory Council, participated in
the Alpha and Beta testing of Remedy 2.x and 3.x products.
(Client Name withheld)  - As Founder and Principle Consultant, Consultant designed and implemented a
SQL, relational database, and client server application for a major venture capital firm.  He performed
all database and front-end application design and implementation.  He also developed and constructed
client/server seminars nationwide.  In this capacity, he spoke at many client/server trade shows.
(Client Name withheld)  . - Consultant was a key member of the management team, performing the
following functions for the start-up firm that was developing a patented technology in data
representation and storage:
Director of Customer Service and Support - Consultant' duties included training and consulting.  He
conducted the database modeling and design day of the three-day product course.  He served as
Project Manager and Designer of a large client/server application development project. Other
highlights of his position include: Ran 12-site Beta Test project in 1990 and managed transition from
R&D to production; designed SQL, relational database, benchmarks used by AT&T, Amdahl and
Compaq.  Consultant was one of the first users of SQL Server and Oracle for OS/2 in LA.  
Director, Federal Systems - Consultant developed Federal Market and Sales strategy for Nucleus
single-user product, led the company in sales, developed product pricing, and ran trade show booths
at Federal Shows and DB/Expo.
Director, Product Management and Support - Consultant managed product introduction and
established a QA department and Benchmark program.  As Interim Director of Software Development,
he doubled staff and managed transition from R&D to production.  He also designed benchmark, bug
reporting, and configuration management systems.
Extended Relational Analysis Structured Analysis and Design, GANE and SARSON IST STRADIS,
DeMARCO and YOURDON, Andersen Method 1, IBM Business Systems Planning, Forte Object Oriented
Analysis and Design, Rational/Rose, Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Help Desk Institute – Member since 1993
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