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•        Remedy Developer/Administrator
•        Remedy Architect
•        Remedy Project Manager
•        Internet/Intranet Applications Developer

Sun Microsystems, Microsoft Windows, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Apple Macintosh

Sun Solaris, Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP, Red Hat Linux, HP UX, IBM AIX, Apache Web Server, Netscape
Enterprise, Microsoft IIS, Remedy ARS

Remedy ARS, Remedy ARWeb, Remedy Web, Remedy MidTier, Remedy API, Microsoft Project, Visio
2000/2002, Sybase
PowerDesigner, Perl, mod_perl, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Tcl/Tk, ASP, SQL, All Netscape
products, CGI,
JavaScript, Tango, DHTML


Lansdale School of Business (1987 - 1989)
AA in Business Administration/Data Processing.

Remedy User, Remedy Admin, Remedy Advanced Topics, Remedy Performance Tuning, Remedy DSO,
ARWeb and Remedy Web, Administering Remedy Customer Support, Remedy Application Development
and Design,
and Remedy CRM Engineer.
RAC 4.x - Remedy Approved Consultant        3/01
RAC 5.x - Remedy Approved Consultant         2/02
CRM RAC - Approved Consultant        12/00


(Client name withheld)                                          12/2003 - Present
Remedy Consultant

Environment - Remedy Admin 5.1.2, Remedy User 5.1.2, Remedy Server 5.1.2, Remedy HelpDesk and
Customer Support and Service modules, Remedy Action Project Manager Module, Java, HP-UX
11 and 11i, Sybase Database, IBM MQSeries, XML.

1.  Reviewed and documented requirements and design requests.
2.  Modified Remedy Help Desk module with customer requirements.
3.  Created Java API Programs to both export and import data from external customer for help desk
replication via XML and IBM MQseries.
4.  Presented and Administered Remedy's Action Project Manager module for internal department use.

(Client name withheld)                                                  10/2003 - 11/2004
Remedy Consultant

Environment - Remedy Admin 5.1.2, Remedy User 5.1.2, Remedy Server 5.1.2, Remedy ITSM (HelpDesk,
Change, Asset Management) 5.5, Java, Windows 2000 Server, Sybase Datatabase, IBM
MQSeries, XML.

1.  Documented requirements for Remedy ITSM.
2.  Modified Asset Management with customer requirements with User  Signoff.
3.  Created Java API programs to get data from Remedy ITSM forms within  a date range and putting into
XML format.
4.  Created Java Program to move XML file from Remedy server to IBM MQSeries Server.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                  June 2003-10/2003
       Senior Remedy Developer/Remedy Architect
Operational Environment included Remedy User 5.1, Remedy Admin 5.1, Remedy Help Desk and Change
       Modules, VitalSuite Link to Remedy, Remedy ARS 5.1, Remedy Migrator, Master AR Suite 5, Sun
Solaris, Oracle, and
       Windows NT.
•        Architected testing management application per requirements from customer.
•        Developed enhancements to Remedy Help Desk and Change Management modules.
•        Analyzed and designed product, inventory, and license tracking application.
•        Documented current development, test and production Remedy servers.
•        Gathered requirements for external application integrations including vital suite, network
monitoring, and others.

       (Client name withheld)                                                          Nov 2002- June 2003
       Senior Remedy Developer/Remedy Architect
       Operational Environment included Remedy User 5.1 and 4.5, Remedy Admin 5.1 and 4.5, Remedy
Change Management and
       Asset Management Modules, Remedy ARS 4.5 and 5.1, Master AR Suite 5, HP-UX, Sybase, Windows
XP, Exceed, ARSPerl,
       HTML, CGI.
•        Architected custom Remedy application in Remedy 5.1 for order, engineering, and operational
workflow and process.
•        Developed workflow and application for new processes to track and report on order, engineering
and operational management.
•        Analyzed requirements, conducted user acceptance testing, and finalized production
•        Integrated custom Remedy application to Help Desk, Change Management and internal custom
Remedy applications.  
•        Created custom Remedy API modules with ARSPerl to output Data to custom xml standards.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                          Oct 2001- Nov 2002
       Remedy Project Manager/Remedy Architect
       Operational Environment included Remedy User 5.1 and 4.5, Remedy Admin 5.1 and 4.5, Remedy
ARS 4.5 and 5.1, Remedy
       Help Desk, Change Management and Asset Management modules, Master AR Suite 5, Sun Solaris,
Windows 2000 Server,
       Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows XP, Exceed, Microsoft Project, ARSPerl, Java,
•        Worked with internal departments to document needs and requirements.
•        Met with internal customers for discovery phase, requirements gathering, solution designs,
request for proposal, statement of work, project plans and meetings.  
•        Managed project team consisting of business analysts, developers, system administrators and
•        Architected Remedy applications for different internal departments.
•        Temporarily administered Remedy servers in multiple physical locations for different departments.
•        Coordinated integration requirements to billing, network, and email/web hosting servers via
Remedy's API.  
•        Participated on discovery and requirement teams for email, network discovery and network
troubleshooting platforms.
•        Administered and customized ARWeb for different Remedy projects.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                                                              Aug 2001- Oct
       Remedy Architect/Developer
       Operational Environment included Remedy User 4.5, Remedy Admin 4.5, Remedy ARS 4.5, Remedy
Customer Support,
       Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows NT.
•        Subcontracted with Remedy Corporation for a Customer Support implementation project.
•        Architected Remedy Customer Support solution for customer needs.
•        Gathered requirements and documented requirements, workflow and project details.
•        Coordinated with staff to gather information and user interface requirements.
•        Assessed clients' current Remedy environment and future path.
•        Customized Remedy Customer Support Module.
•        Administered and customized Remedy ARWeb and Remedy Web.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                  Aug 2000- Aug 2001
Remedy Architect/Developer
       Operational Environments included Remedy User 4.5, Remedy Admin 4.5, Remedy ARS 4.5, Remedy
Change Management,
       Asset Management, Help Desk and Customer Support Modules, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000 Server,
Oracle Database, Microsoft
       SQL Server, Windows NT.
•        Consulted at different client sites for Remedy requirements.
•        Architected Remedy solutions for Remedy clients.
•        Demonstrated Remedy CRM Suite to potential clients with Remedy sales team.
•        Installed, configured, administered Remedy ARS Server, helpdesk, change management, and
customer support.
•        Administered Unix and NT servers for Remedy implementations.
•        Configured and administered Oracle and Sybase databases for Remedy implementations.  
•        Developed and configured custom Remedy email support for helpdesk with ARS Perl.  
•        Customized Remedy changes to existing Remedy packages for client specifications.  
•        Acted as Quality Assurance Engineer for existing helpdesk application for client.
•        Created custom applications in Remedy per customer requirements.
•        Analyzed business and system needs of customers.
•        Interfaced with Remedy sales and project personnel for analysis of client needs.  
•        Administered and customized Remedy ARWeb and Remedy Web.

(Client name withheld)                                                                  Feb 2000- Aug 2000
Remedy Architect/Developer
Operational Environment included Remedy User 4.5, Remedy Admin 4.5, Remedy ARS 4.5, Remedy
Customer Support
module, Remedy Help Desk module, Sun Solaris, Oracle Database, Informix Database, ARSPerl,
Microsoft Project.
•        Architected Remedy Customer Support solution for customer needs.
•        Created project plan for implementing hardware and software solution based on the Remedy ARS
•        Analyzed customer requirements to move to Remedy CRM product line on Sun and Oracle.  
•        Conducted workflow analysis, project planning, and development of Remedy solution.
•        Solaris administration and Oracle administration to setup and configure for Remedy Server

(Client name withheld)                                                          Oct 1999 - Feb 2000
Perl Developer and Systems Analyst
Operational Environments included Remedy ARWeb, Remedy ARS 4.5, Perl, mod_perl, Windows NT, Sun
Solaris, Linux,
MySQL, Oracle, Apache Web Server.
•        Remedy Systems Analyst for possible restructure of web infrastructure.  
•        Analyzed customer requirements for the database structuring and CRM structure.  
•        Project lead for marketing/sales in-house product.  Using Perl, mod_perl, Apache, Linux, MySQL
and Oracle database servers.
•        Unix administrator on Linux servers as well as Database administration work on the Oracle and
MySQL databases.
•        Administered and customized Remedy implementation using Remedy ARWeb.

(Client name withheld)                                                          July 1999- Oct 1999
Remedy Developer
Operational Environment included Remedy User 4.5, Remedy Admin 4.5, Remedy ARS 4.5, Remedy
ARWeb, ARSPerl, Perl,
HTML, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS 4.
•        Developed Remedy Perl web front end for Remedy custom application.
•        Used ARSPerl, CGIPerl, Perl, and JavaScript for fully functional user interface to Remedy server.
•        Installed and configured ARSPerl and Perl on NT Server 4.0, Remedy ARS, IIS 4, and SQL Server.
•        Administered and customized Remedy ARS using Remedy ARWeb.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                  Oct 1998 - July 1999
       Technical Director
Operational Environment included Microsoft Project, Tango, Perl, JavaScript, Tcl/Tk, HTML, DHTML,
Microsoft Windows
NT, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Butler Database, Apple Macintosh servers,
Apache Web Server,
Microsoft IIS, Samba.
•        Directed technology infrastructure and growth.  Planned and strategized for future IT demands.
•        Administered network and server farm that includes Linux, Macintosh and NT servers.
•        Structured and modeled new network architecture and schema for better Internet performance
and security.
•        Managed over 50 web sites on Macintosh and NT for in-house and clients.
•        Served as Lead and as a member on several development projects for clients.
•        Project manager for new hardware and software for company productivity.
•        Database administrator for Oracle, SQL Server, and Butler databases on Linux, Microsoft NT, and
•        Internet programming with Tango, Perl, JavaScript, and DHTML.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                  March 1998 - Oct 1998
       Information Technology Analyst
Operational Environment included Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft
NT, Microsoft IIS,
Microsoft SQL Server, HP UX, Informix Database.
•        Managed help desk department for 250 city employees.
•        Coordinated efforts for new in-house communication solution with communication department.  
•        Responsible for top-level support and helping specialist and assistant level support.  
•        Web master for Microsoft based Internet server.  Coordinated all departments and content for
City web site.
•        Worked with engineers on HP server issue on hardware upgrade.

       (Client name withheld)                                                                  March 1997 - Mar 1998
Remedy Developer and Software Engineer
Operational Environment included Remedy User 3.2 and 4.0, Remedy Admin 3.2, and 4.0, Remedy ARS
3.2 and 4.0, ARSPerl,
Remedy Help Desk, Remedy Change Management, Remedy Asset Management, Perl, TCL/Tk, HTML,
JavaScript, Sun Solaris,
Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL Database, Apache,
Microsoft IIS, Netscape
Enterprise Server.
•        Fully responsible for all Remedy development, deployment, and administration on both Solaris
and Windows platforms.
•        Implemented Remedy Help Desk, Remedy Change Management and Remedy Asset Management
for clients.
•        Developed custom Remedy application for in-house requirements.
•        Administered Oracle and SQL Server databases for development needs.
•        Extensive Perl and TCL programming for CGI on web sites.
•        Web master for multiple sites at client locations.
•        Administered and used Solaris 2.5.1 and Windows 95/NT as a web master.
•        Installed and administered Netscape Enterprise Server, Catalog Server, and RDS Server on NT
and Solaris.  
•        Configured and supported IIS on NT network administration for NT Server 4.0.

Available upon request
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