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OVERVIEW: My Skill sets includes over 7 years of exhaustive experience Designing and Implementing databases from ASP model to Web based Demand Driven Analytical Enterprise Software, which is totally Meta-Data driven. Besides designing large-scale relational databases, my expertise is also in Designing Multi-Dimensional OLAP Cubes in Hyperion Essbase. Have also used ETL tools such as Informatica PowerCenter and Datastage from Assential Software (former Informix).



(U.S. Department of Energy), Livermore, California

Position: Software Engineer IV

·         Designed the National Ignition Facility (NIF) data warehouse, comprising of Optics related scientific data, which is gathered when the laser shots are fired. Collected measurements such as optic fluence, density, etc. as the laser beam passes through the optics. End users were Scientists.

·         Also designed and implemented a manufacturing data mart aimed at supporting Optics Production Control and Material Requirements.

·         Extracted data from ERP systems like GLOVIA, Excel, Flat files, MS Access on UNIX operating systems using Informatica PowerCenter 7.1 and Perl DBI.

·         Implemented the population of ODS and Star Schema using Informatica PowerCenter 7.1 and Perl DBI. These data-marts were designed to be refreshed on a hourly basis allowing to capture near-real-time information.

·         Supported legacy applications while we built new ones.


HYPERROLL, Mountain View, California 11/2002 – 10/2003

Position: Sales Engineer

·         Did Proof of Concepts for Company’s Data Aggregation software to major clients such as Citibank, Deutsche bank, La Roche, Wachovia, Coty Cosmetics and PepsiCo, which used complex Essbase environments with high load window. The result of POC brought down the build time and storage significantly by the orders of magnitude.

·         Configured the metadata layer in XML in order to integrate with Client’s environment.

·         Used Business Objects and Micro Strategy as a reporting tool to query Hyperroll cube.

·         Performed on-site Essbase training to Company’s R&D division in Israel and held discussions to better enhance the Essbase integration layer with Hyperroll.

·         Provided technical support to customers and helped resolve data issues in Oracle and Essbase environments.

·         Represented the Company at Gartner Expo and Hyperion Shows.


ONECHANNEL.NET, Mountain View, California. 02/1999 - 09/2002

Position: Lead Database Design Engineer 08/2001 - 09/2002

·         Lead a team of Database Engineers and gave appropriate technical guidance and ensured the successive implementation of projects.

·         Designed the Meta-Data Repository, which holds information about Dimensions, Facts, Measures, hierarchies, etc.

·         Wrote PL/SQL to generate code dynamically by reading the information from this repository and process data from Operational Data Store (ODS) thru Star Schema.

·         Implemented Data Validation Routines using PERL DBI, which performs Data-Checks at various checkpoints of processing data and signals the parent process to abort if the numbers are off by pre-defined threshold.

·         Did Effective planning for Data Migration from Development to Production Environments.


Projects: CISCO SYSTEMS 08/2001 - 09/2002

·         Designed the Operational Data Store (ODS) and Star Schema and the data was extracted from ERP systems for Bookings, Inventory, Backlog, POS, Credit Memo and Shipments.

·         Designed, Implemented and Maintained huge Data Marts (ROLAP), which had all the above measures side by side. These Data-Marts were used for relational drill-thru via web-based applications. These Data-Marts consists of Detail and summary level tables with 100+ million records. These tables were each Partitioned by time periods. There were more than 5000 partitions

·         Designed and Implemented Archival Strategy, which archives data into historic tables/files when the current Fiscal period changes.

·         Implemented Incremental load strategy in ROLAP by creating temp tables on a daily basis and Exchanging them with the appropriate concerned Partitions and purging old partitions. Wrote PERL scripts to automate the processes.

·         Implemented strategy, which reduced the time taken to load ROLAP from 15 hrs to less than 1 hr.

·         Reduced the most complex query retrieval time from 45 min per query to less than 4 seconds by partitioning tables and making queries use iterator clause.


Position: Senior Database Design Engineer 08/2000 – 08/2001

·         Designed, Architected and Implemented the Data Warehouse / Data-Mart in First, Second and Third Generation of Company.

·         Created Materialized Views using Summary Advisor which enabled more data to be aggregated in Data Warehouse with less maintenance.

·         Used Query Rewrite feature in Oracle so that the Web-Application can query the base Fact table but gets results from underlying Materialized Views, which helped improving retrieval time significantly.

·         Designed and implemented the ‘STAR SCHEMA’ for Music and Technology related Database for OLAP / ROLAP tools. Wrote exhaustive codes to load the Star, using ETL tools such as DataStage from Informix. Used PERL to Automate the End-to-End process.

·         Designed and developed ESSBASE Cubes from HYPERION. Wrote Report Specs, Data Load Rules files, etc. Wrote PERL and SHELL scripts to automatically load the Cubes.

·         Responsible for 24 / 7 Availability of Databases and Application in Mission-Critical environment.

·         Provided Technical Guidance to DBA and the Development team and played a Lead Role in implementing the projects.


Position: Database Developer 02/1999 – 08/2000

·         As a Sole Database Programmer, wrote Complex PL/SQL Stored Procedures to process the sales data from raw stage by calculating the aggregate units sold of a particular product on the fraction of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly sales and insert the computed quantity into the datamart.

·         Used Oracle built in packages such as UTL_FILE and DBMS_SQL.PARSE.

·         Wrote Stored Procedures using latest Native Dynamic SQL.

·         Wrote multiple scripts using Oracle built in packages, PERL, Oraperl and DBI to read data from flat files and insert into Oracle database.

·         Wrote PERL / Oraperl / DBI scripts for emailing newsletters to customers by querying the database and generating newsletters on the fly based on the user preferences.

·         Wrote PERL script for the Timeline, which controls and triggers all the Child Processes written in PL/SQL, PERL and SHELL, and other routines, on a specific time and sends emails to developers with the error/success messages.

·         Supported application front-end developers and designed / developed data replication strategy.

·         Created and managed numerous Forms 5x using Developer 2000 (Version 2.1) for the Data Entry. Also used many advanced Features in Oracle Forms such as LOV, Alerts, and Master-Detail etc.

·         Developed Oracle Reports for Sales Analysis.

·         Developed dynamic HTML Reports for data Analysis using PERL / CGI / DBI and Shell Scripts for the Companies’ Intranet site.

·         Involved in SQL Performance tuning using Cost Based and Rule Based Optimizers with Hints.

·         Heavily involved in doing DBA work and performed Routine Database Maintenance.

·         Experience with Full Life-Cycle of Development & Deployment of the product.

·         Solely responsible for maintaining the data Integrity and Accuracy.


WARNER MUSIC GROUP (WMG), Manhattan, New York. 10/1998- 1/1999

Position: Systems Programmer.

·         Duties included Custom Oracle application development, programming, testing and implementation using PL/SQL. Version 3.3.

·         Involved in upgrade and enhancement of the existing database and overall system in Oracle.

·         Responsible for loading data from flat files into Oracle Databases and take care that no data is lost or destroyed.

·         As a systems programmer, programming involved writing Cursors, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, and Views in PL/SQL 3.3 on UNIX platform for populating the database.

·         Also secured and maintained the database loading sequence from remote sites, as well as from work.


M.A.ENGINEERING CORPORATION, Bombay, India. 7/1997 to 7/1998

Position: Oracle Programmer

·         Involved in the design and development of Oracle Products with front-end as well as Back-End using Forms, Reports, Cursors, Triggers, Functions and Procedures.

·         Also called Functions from remote packages into Oracle Databases.

·         Responsibilities included application and designing of dynamic web pages using applets and classes with

Java / Java Scripts and HTML 4.0 web programming tools and manipulated data utilizing UNIX operating system.


SKILLS: Database Software:

ORACLE 10G / 9i / 805 / 8i / 8.1.6 / 8.1.7 / / 7.3, SQL*PLUS 8, PL/SQL 3.3 / 8, Triggers, Functions, Procedures, Packages, Cursors, RDBMS, OLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP, FoxPro 2.6, DB2, Erwin, TOAD, ESSBASE 6.0 / 6.1 / 6.2 / 6.5, Informatica Powercenter 6 / 7 / 7.1, Ardent’s Datastage from INFORMIX (ETL tool)

Programming Languages:

PL/SQL, C++, C, PERL, DBI, DBD, Oraperl, SPL, UNIX, SHELL, XML, JAVA, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, CGI, Net.Commerce, Net. Data

Application Development Software:

Business Objects, Micro Strategy, Informatica PowerAnalyzer, Developer 2000 Version 2.1 (Forms 4.5 & 5, Reports and Graphs), Visual Source Safe, Star Team.

Operating Systems:

Sun Solaris 2.6 / 7 / 8, AIX, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP/ ME / 2000 / ‘98 / ‘95, Ms-Windows 3.x, MS- DOS.

Installation Skills:

Oracle 9.1 and Patch 2 on Sun Solaris 7

Oracle 8.0.5, 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 Patch3 (Server and Client) on Sun Solaris 2.6 / 7 /8

Ardent’s Datastage (Server and Client) on Sun Solaris 2.6 / 7

Hyperon’s ESSBASE Server on Sun Solaris 2.6

Netscape’s Enterprise Server on Sun Solaris 2.6 / 7

Netscape’s ECXpert on Sun Solaris 2.6

Apple’s Web Object on Sun Solaris 2.6

Net Graphs on Sun Solaris 2.6



EDUCATION: INFORMATICA, Redwood City, California


Administration and Security, Advanced Mapping Techniques, Advanced Workflow Tools, Performance Tuning, Error Handling and Migration Strategies, Informatica Velocity Methodology.


HYPERION UNIVERSITY, Sunnyvale, California.

Related Courses: ESSBASE ADVANCED TRAINING, April 2001.

Administration, Partition, Cube Optimization, Advanced Calculation Scripts, Backup and Recovery.


INFORMIX, Melno Park, California.

Related Courses: DataStage Essentials for ETL (Extraction Transformation & Loading Software),

July 2000.


HYPERION UNIVERSITY, Sunnyvale, California.

Related Courses: ESSBASE 6.0, June 2000.



Related Courses: PL/SQL Programming (Through Warner Music Group), November 1998.



Related Courses: Net.Commerce (IBM's Web Application Language) August 1998.



Major: Software Engineering, June 1998.

Related Courses:

Oracle Developer 2000 Java / Java Scripts

HTML 4.0 FoxPro 2.6 C/C++


TULEC COMPUTER EDUCATION, Bombay, India. (Division of TATA Infotech)

Major: Diploma in UNIX Systems Administration, November 1997

Expertise in k-shell, c-shell and borne-shell script programming and vi-editor commands.



Major: B.S in Accounting, April 1997