Peningo Systems, Inc.









Objective: Database Administration – Data Architect - Consulting


Overview: 23 Years quality IT experience. 15 Years as a DB2 DBA.


DB2 DBA: Mainframe – 9 years. All aspects of Database Administration (to SYSADM).

·         Project Leader. DB2 Systems Programming. Largest Database 9

Terabytes. Data Profiling, Data Modeling, using ERWIN. Data

Warehouse, Data Marts, BMC, Platinum, Candle, Install,

Migration, Recovery, Backups, Restore, DB2 Utilities.


DB2 DBA: NT – 2 Years – All aspects of DB2 UDB, including Replication,

Triggers, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Scripts.

Data Modeling using ERWIN Logical and Physical Modeling.

Check Constraints, and RI. To SYSADM Version 8.1.


DB2 DBA: AIX – 6 Years – All aspects of DB2 UDB to V7.2 (SYSADM). Including

EE and EEE (ESE) Performance Tuning. Largest Database 9

Terabytes. SQL Script writing and FTP between S390, NT and AIX

SP2 RS6000 Platforms and Sun Solaris (Unix) . Extensive use of

performance measuring tools. Data Warehouse and Data Marts to 9

terra bytes. Current to Version 8.1 installs on Servers and Clients.

DB2 UDB ESE Production Support.

Other: Senior Developer, Hands On Project Leader, DB2 Systems



Languages: Algol, Assembler, C, C++, COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL LE





Operating Systems: DOS, Windows98, NT, AIX, UNIX, MVS/ESA, OS/390

Education: Masters Degree - University of London, U.K.


Clearance: Active Secret





Experience - DB2 Specific:


Development and Production Support DBA - Maintain DB2 Objects, Implement DB2 Performance Tuning Strategies. Develop DASD Space Management Plans. DB2 installs of UDB V50., UDB V6.1 and V7.1 and FIXPACKS, SMP/E DB2 Target Libraries, DB2 Distribution Libraries. DB2 Migrations. Set DB2 Design Standards. MQ Series. Set up DB2 JCL to streamline DB2 Utility Jobs. Write and administer DB2 Project Plans. Define roles and responsibilities for DBA’s. Provide technical training and mentoring for DBAs and where necessary DB2 Developers. Proven discipline of System Development Life Cycle. Responsible for Client Server and Mainframe DB2 Database configurations. Configuration Management, Metrics Collection. Data Modeling and Database I/O manipulation, Report Production, Database Design Walk Through, ERWIN DDL creation and simulation (Logical & Physical). Platinum Fastload, Fast Unload, Fastcopy, Migration. DB2Connect, DRDA, Webshpere and Weblogic interfaces.BMC Tools for database manipulation.Write and test advanced SQL scripts. Wireless, Billing, Financial, Accounting and Medical Systems. Use Kimball’s de-centralized approach to Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Mart design and implementations. Participate / Lead Proof of Concept Projects. Parallel Sysplex, Full Image Copy, Incremental Image Copy, DFSDDLT0, BHTRACE, MSDB, Fast Path, DFSURGU0, DFSURGU0, TORBA, TOCOPY, DSNZPARMS, DSNDB01, DSNDB04, DSNDB06, DSNDB07, DSN1CHCR, DSN1SDMP, DSN1PRNT, DSNTEP2, DSNTIP3, DSNTIPD, DSNT2JAE, DSNTIJRC, DSNTIJUD, DSNTIAP0, DSNTIPA1, ZPARMS, DB2UEXT2. CAPPSII. CTVP. Common Criteria Upgrade for DB2 and AIX.


Features:- Stored Procedures (Fenced and Not Fenced), Replication, DPROP, UDFs,

DJRA (Data Joiner), Data Propagator. IPCS for Message Queues.BMC

Catalog Manager, BMC Change Manager, Triggers. Backup and Recovery.

High Speed Loading. Advanced SQL: Groupings, IBM OLAP Server, Star

Schema, Dimension Tables, Fact Tables, Multiple Joins, Views, UDTs,

Archive Row Manger, Hands on Manager Data Marts, Hands on Manager

Data Warehousing, Program Audit. Install DB2 UDB V8.2 64 Bit.

Informatica ETL, TDS, DB2 UDB V5.0 to V7.2. Robotics. db2batch,

db2bfd, db2gov, db2rbind, db2sample.Performance Tuning DB2 UDB

EE/EEE/OS-390 on RS6000 SP2, Sun Solaris, HP and Mainframe servers.

SAP (see SAP Supplement) DB2 UDB ESE V8.1. MSGGET, MSGRCV,

MSGSND. KORN, KSH and SQL Scripts. Query Patroller. User Exit,

Redirect Restore (remote and local servers), DB2AUDIT.




Detailed Experience


07/04 to date –IBM Classified – DBA, Specialist Performance Tuner, DB2 Systems Programming, Database Architect, Data Modeler responsible for Database and Systems design and for producing: Unix/Aix Ksh scripts for restore, crontab, Offline and Online Backups, Tablespace used and available space, Database Statistics, Reorgchk, Reorg, and Runstats. Write sequence for complex Redirect Restore with SET CONTAINERS Clauses. Get space and alter file systems as ROOT. Apply tuning to the Database Configuration Parameters. Numerous Systems Architect, Team Lead and technical trouble shooting roles. Create, drop and recreate Instances, Databases, Tablespaces, Tables, Indexes and Views. Assist developers with slow running jobs and create and implement plans to speed up various processes. Design and implement partitioning on UDB V8.1 tablespaces (a.k.a. UDB EEE). Allocate Login Id. and passwords for 42 servers in a distributed environment. HACMP Failover testing. Log Shipping. Work with Change Management (CM) and resolve issues concerning CRs, PRs and CAs. Use Clear Case and Clear Quest. Install the DB2 UDB V7.2 and V8.1 Client for developers. Install Fixpak 11 (V7.2) and Fixpak 5 (V8.1) for developers. Install FixPak 12 on Server and Clients. Support developers in CAPSII and CTVP arenas. Grant Privileges. Install DB2 UBD V8.2 64 bit. Install FixPak 7A and Performance Expert and run POC Bench Mark Tests. Common Criteria Upgrade for DB2 and AIX. Document everything.


Hardware:- IBM Regatta P650, P670, P690, RS600 Servers, DASD on SHARK.

HACAMP Clusters with Failover. TCP/IP Protocol.


Software:- DB2 UDB V7.2 and V8.1, Erwin, Clear Case Versioning, Rational Rose,

Korn Shell, DB2AUDIT, Event Monitor, Clear Case, Clear Quest,

DB2 Performance Expert. FixPak 7a and 12.


10/03 to 7/04 CSC – Senior DBA and Specialist DBA Performance Tuner for DB2 – UDB, AIX, NT, zOS and OS/390. Responsible for increase in processing speeds, CPU and Elapsed times for COBOL, Java and C job schedules affecting the Data Warehouse (11 Terra bytes) operations. Mainframe feeds to Data Warehouse Staging platform running under AIX 5.2 on multiple RS6000 SP2 configuration and parallel Regatta Servers under AIX 5.2. Load sharing with various disk arrays including Shark.


Detailed analysis of the Operating System Parameters, Database Design, Network Traffic and Program Code. Production of detailed analysis spread sheets and SPRs (Software Problem Reports). Monitoring before and after performance across the three platforms.

Production of results. Assist developers in tuning their program code until satisfactory performance achieved in their programs. Produce Performance Related Standards for the

Installation. Check and alter JCL as necessary for OS/390 Job Streams. Achieved a reduction of 37% in elapsed run times and 40% CPU times average across the three platforms. Set up fail-over architecture for NT processors/servers. Set up and installed UNIX/AIX Environment for UDB ESE (EEE 64 bit) Version 8.1 Databases. Tune UDB jobs to achieve a 35% reduction in elapsed time processing. Increase UDB Load Speed by 100% tuning the HSBL (High Speed Bulk Loader). Produce several check lists for performance tuning for the zOS, OS/390, AIX/UDB V8.1 and Windows NT Platforms.

Conduct Benchmark tests on Stored Procedures. Alter call sequence as necessary.


Hardware:- OS/390s 9000 SYSPLEX, AIX Regatta Servers, AIX RS6000 SP2 Servers,

SHARK Disk Arrays, NT Servers


Software:- BMC, Data Stage, Evoke, APPTUNE, numerous DB2 Utilities,

Including Performance Expert, Performance Monitor, SQL Performance

Analyzer, SQL Assist, Query Monitor, DB2 Explain, DB2ADVIS,





3/03 to 10/03 - IBC – Senior DB2 UDB ESE V8.1 DBA (SYSADM) /SYSTEMS ARCHITECT, MANAGER and DATA MODELER Responsible for the implementation of a large Health Care (9 terra byte) data warehouse. Tasks and functions included:- Develop a Strategy Plan, hardware selection, data modeling, work with ETL Developers, work with infrastructure group, installation of DB2 UDB ESE V8.1 64 bit on Regatta servers using AIX 5.1. Load AIX and Install Net Backup, Data Stage 6.0 XE series, Evoke (Axio), and Metastage. Set up DB2 environments for Development, QA and Production. Create:- Instances, Databases, Node Configuration files, .rhost files, etc/svc files, all DB2 objects. Design partitioning strategy, DMS and SMS Tablespaces. Design tables using Erwin for Logical and Physical Models. Participate in the design and testing of a Disaster Recovery sub-system using modified C Program User Exit DB2UEXT2 rolling forward to the end of logs.


KSH Scripts. Command Line Processor. Client Configuration Assistant. Event Logs.

Modeling, apply referential integrity, allocate appropriate buffer pools. Produce logical and physical models ‘ Relation and Dimensional models and Fact Tables. Select Partitioning Keys. Forward engineer Erwin Physical Model to produce DDLs. Edit DDLs. Run bench mark tests for load and query retrieval. Run Load Runner to test Volume and Stress Tests. Design and produce Dimension Tables, Fact Tables, Star Schema. Check downstream reporting. Various Mapping exercises, sources to targets. Install and maintain change control using PVCS. Performance Tune the Warehouse. Use MDC (Cluster techniques) to improve performance. Data Blending, Data Cleansing. I/O Cluster balance, Node additions and data re-distribution. Monitor logging and tracking performance. Drive the versioning effort in Development, QA and Production using PVCS. Organize Loads, Unloads and backups. Knowledge Transfer. Monitor Performance, apply Explain, Index Advisor and DB2Batch to all queries. Architectural Review. Explain development approach. Construct and load Staging, Relational, Dimensional and Fact Tables. Use COGNOS and Impromptu for Reporting. Use Load Runner for Stress and Volume Tests. PERL, KSH and KORN Shell Scripts.

Hardware:- P690 Regatta Server with 2 LPARS (4 & 8) CPUs each. Multiple External Storage (ESS - Shark) disk drives. SAN 9 Terra bytes of storage. 128 GB Memory, Two 64 bit Fiber Channel Storage Adapters per LPAR, One, 1 Gigabit Network adapter per LPAR. + IBM MVS/OS390 R2.10. CDW Servers AIX V5.1, Sun Server SAS02/B9. OLAP Server AIX 5.1. Concurrent Users per shift = 5000. Eight and Four Lgical partitions per LPAR.


Software:- DB2 UDB V8.1 ESE (EEE), DB2Connect, DRDA, Erwin, AXIO, J2EE, Java, Impromptu, Data Stage XE 6.0.1, FTP, Meta Stage, COGNOS 7.1, PVCS, Load Runner. Maestro Job Scheduling, Data Stage, Evoke Axio V 4.3.1, Meta Stage V6.1. Exceed.


12/02 to 2/03 – UPS Mail Innovations – Senior DB2 UDB DBA (SYSADM) responsible for development of a strategy plan, environment set up of new database system connected to object tracking, job tracking and file tracking. Data Profiling, Data Modeling, Design and implementation of the database and all system related objects, including table spaces, tables, indexes, buffer pools, stored procedures and triggers. Performance tuning for table access, largest table forecast is over 10 million rows. Use of all DB2 tools and utilities including, MS Office, Java, J2EE, Access, DB2BATCH, EXPLAIN, EVENT MONITOR, DB2LOOK, DB2ADVIS, DB2MOVE, AUTO LOADER, IMPORT, EXPORT, BACKUP, RESTORE and Snap Shot Monitor. EEE (ESE) V7.1 on AIX using numerous RS6000. Data Modeling and Installation of UDB Version 8.1 on NT Servers and Clients and also on AIX Servers and Clients.

CLP (Command Line Processor). CCA (Client Configuration Assistant). KSH Scripts.

Produced a four year forecast Capacity Plan. Produced several Knowledge Transfer (“what is” and "how to") documents and Charts of the System. Used an ACCESS database and EXCEL Spread Sheets to supplement handover documentation. Create the Data Dictionary.

08/02 to 12/02 – Deutsche Bank – Senior DB2 DBA, UDB EEE Tuning, DB2 Systems Programming (SYSADM). Database conversion from Adabas to DB2. Also, conversion from ADP based data to Pershing type system. Database install DB2 V7.1. Database Migration V6.1 to V7.1. Data Profiling and Building the Data Model. OS/390 Monitor using DB2PM. OS/390 object manipulation using BMC Catalog Manager, and Platinum Tools. Connect IMS to DB2. Prepare IMS Applications for DB2. Build Link List. Add DD Names as appropriate (DFSESL) .DB2 Systems Administration. Occasional use of Omegamon. Diagnose and resolve performance problems on OS/390. SQL access path analysis. Participate in migration of selected DB2 Systems to Sysplex; Data Sharing analysis and tuning. Configure and maintain DB2 related software. V7.1 Rollout for general use. Use SMP/E for V7.1 install. COBOL and Java Stored procedures advice and interface analysis with programmers. APARS to IBM for Stored Procedure problems. Product Support. Backup and Recovery. Use Erwin for Data Modeling. SYSADM Authority. Platinum Migrations from Test to Quality to Production. Tune the UDB ESE Sub-system. Select the partitioning key for a sub-system. Allocate partitioned nodes. Ensure data spread evenly across nodes. Analyze SQL, and access paths. Prune large tables to history. Create indexes for rapid access, glean information from Explain and DB2Advis (Index Advisor). Proof of Concept and shake down tests of UDB ESE V8.1. Test migration of V7.1 Clients and Servers to V8.1. DB2CONNECT. DRDA. Performance Tuning as applicable, For Example:- Reduce elapsed run time for one batch job from 8 hours to 8 minutes!! Train and Mentor small groups of DB2 Developers on an ADHOC basis. Compare V7.1 EEE to V8.1 ESE performance on similar queries. Cross check with Load Runner Stress Tests. On Call 24 x 7. Write UDFs in C and C++. Write Timestamp swap routine in ALC.

Hardware:- zOS, IBM OS/390 Parallel Sysplex Data Sharing Group

RS6000 SP2 Servers, Sun Solaris, HP SP80 with Shared Nothing Architecture.

Operating Systems:- MVS/ESA, UNIX, AIX, HP-UX.

Software:- Platinum Tools, Platinum Fast Load, File Aid for DB2, Insight, BMC Catalog

Manager, Omegamon, Endevor, ERwin, TSO, ISPF, QMF/HPO, IMS, Log

Analyzer, DB2Batch, DB2expln, dynexpln, DB2Advis, db2look, C, C++,

ALC, dbdclgn, db2evmon, db2eva, db2gov, db2govlg, db2icrt, db2idrop,

db2iupdt, db2ldcfg. SAP, MDC, DB2 UDB EEE V7.1, UDB ESE V8.1, UDB

V6.1(OS/390), SMART, DB2 Health Center, SQL Assist, V8.1 LOAD,

db2support, db2dart. MS Office, BRIO Stress Tests.



01/02 to 08/02 – MetLife – Senior DB2 UDB EEE DBA (SYSADM), DATA ARCHITECT, Specialist Performance Tuner, Systems Programming and Project Leader.

The eService system provides agents and clients access to life and annuity policy data through the Internet. eService is designed around a Warehouse and Datamarts populated from the MetLife legacy systems. The System provides 24x7 uptime. Do an Audit of the previous contractors work.


Objectives:- Develop a Strategic Plan, Reduce overnight batch window times from over 20 hours to under 9 hours. Reduce e-business response times from over three seconds to under two seconds. Analyze all pertinent objects and functions connected with performance and tune as necessary, including all database configuration parameters, tablespaces, bufferpools, tables, indexes, referential integrity, constraints, triggers, stored procedures, SQL in Java Programs, User Defined Functions, Brio Reporting, User Defined Types, backups, recovery, reorg frequency, runstats, logs, data distribution across nodes, data redistribution, catalog statistics, database caching, governor affect, locking, joining, operational considerations, row blocking, table collocation, Control Center Wizards. Interface with Senior Management, the DBA Group and Java Programmers. Tune Java code for SQL performance.

Tools:- Snapshot Monitor, Event Monitor, DB2 Performance Configuration Wizard, Explain, Visual Explain, db2batch benchmarking, set Optimization Class changes, db2expln, dynexpln, db2look, db2advis, Ultra Edit, Cuteftp, Java, J2EE. Control Center. All UDB Centers. DB2 UDB Version 7.2. Korn Shell scripts, Perl Scripts, KSH Scripts. SQL Scripts, MS Office.

Layers:- The presentation layer serves HTML and GIFs and forwards all servlets and JSP requests to the application layer. This layer consists of a several of Cisco ArrowPoint CS-800 load balancing switches, and twenty IBM RS/6000 H80 AIX 4.3.3 servers running IBM’s HTTP server.

The application layer processes incoming requests from the presentation layer, and assembles requested content. The application layer is comprised of nine Websphere servers running IBM JVM 1.1.8, each deployed on its own IBM RS/6000 H80 AIX 4.3.3 server. The data layer hosts the application data for eService. The data layer comprises of several S80 database servers running IBM’s UDB EEE 7.2 DB2 database engine. The Large Memory Module fix recommended by IBM is also installed. The database servers share an ESS Shark RAID multiple disk array, which has an initial capacity of 9280 GB.


9/01 to 01/02 – ING – Senior DB2 DBA – Design, build and implement databases for large and complex financial systems, imaging systems, asset management systems and reporting systems for ODS. Data Profiling and Data Modeling. Routine maintenance of other systems where necessary. Familiarization with Federated Databases, wrappers, server, nicknames, nickname schemas, identity columns. Data Modeling, forward engineering, reverse engineering, and creation of several Subject Areas for different model types physical and logical using Erwin 4.0. for the Data Warehouse. Support Informatica ETL personnel. Java Programmer interfaces. Verify Java Code and SQL in Java programs. Korn Shell Scripts. Sybase to DB2 UDB Migration. Creation of all database objects in UDB necessary for Project Implementation. Provide consolidated Reporting Environment. Load and maintain all tables as necessary. Implement triggers for ‘Last Date Modified’ across all relevant tables. Set up routine backup and restore scripts with automatic kick off. Plan recovery procedures. Set up Referential Integrity for pertinent parent / child relationships. Walk through database designs with DBA Group and Application Developers. Recovery, Reorg, Backup and Restore procedures for Unix and MVS platforms. Establish Websphere and Weblogic Interfaces. Design and implement database and log disk space allocation. Install and configure UDB EE and EEE. Create database nodegroups, tablespaces and tables. Load data to databases. Edit .profile, create DB2 instances, edit db2nodes.cfg, edit .rhosts, set up db2daig.log and syslog. Extensive use of clustering indexes. Sybase to DB2 UDB migration.

Use of several DB2 DSN1 Type Utilities including Full and Incremental Image copies.

Work out a comprehensive disaster recovery plan with senior management utilizing User Exit DB2UEXT2. Use compression to resolve short term space allocation on OS390. Use Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithm to compress data in all partitions of large tablespaces. Consider all options. KSH, SQL, PERL and KORN Shell scripts.

On Call rotation duties for AIX, Unix and S390 platforms. Fix problems as appropriate.

Administer DB2 Training for DB2 Developers.

Tools:- Quest Central, Embarcadero DB2 Artisan 5.4.1, Erwin 4.0. DB2 UDB Tool Set.

BMC Catalog Manager, DASD Manager for DB2, DB2 Utilities, Zeke Scheduler,

Omegamon, Autoloader, Splitter.

Hardware:- Sun Solaris, HP, IBM RS6000 S80 RAID, IBM 390 Series.

Software:- DB2 UDB EE V7.1 and V7.2, DB2 UDB EEE V7.1 and

V7.2, OS/390 UDB V6.1, Brio, Sybase, Java, J2EE, MS Office.

Operating Systems:- UNIX, HP-UX, AIX 4.3.3, MVS-ESA, zOS.


1/01 to 8/01 - Cigna – Project Leader / Manager and Senior DB2 DBA, SYSTEMS ARCHITECT – Drive the building of a 9 terabyte Data Warehouse. Scope of the work:- Enterprise wide inclusion of business data including:- Developing an overall strategic plan. Tactical short term plans. A model prototype. Flexcare, PPO, Indemnity, Premium Only, Dental, Pharmacy and Proclaim behavioral health claims. Scalable infrastructure with inclusion of 3 Data Marts. Identify source data feeds, Data Profiling and Data Modeling. Design and build the Staging Environment, the Transaction Data Store (TDS) and the downstream OLAP reporting infrastructure. Use OMEGAMON for numerous statistics and for monitoring. Organize Volume Tests and Monitor Performance. Prepare S/390 production install then study impact of conversion to DB2 UDB EEE V7.1 on Sun Solaris servers with Shared Nothing Architecture. Connect to IMS attachment facility. Establish separate data sets for DB2 and IMS re:- SMP/E Install. Make DB2 load modules available to IMS. Define new programs and transactions to IMS. Make SDSNMACS link edit as re-entrant. MQ Series message queues.

Warehouse:- Design and define the Warehouse databases. Develop the extract and transformation routines used by Informatica’s extract, transformation and load component (ETL). Edit and advise on some COBOL Programs. Check SQL code in COBOL Programs.

Analysis and Testing:- Regression, Correlation, Time-series and Impact.

Available tools and technology:- DB2 V6.1, DB2 UDB V7.1, S/390, RS6000, SP2, SUN SOLARIS AIX/UNIX, VALITY (data Integrity), DPROP (Data Propagator), Metadata libraries, ETI’s ETL Tool to Extract, Cleanse, Transform and Load data, DB2 Workbench, EXPLAIN, Visual Explain, Snapshot Monitor, Event Monitor, AutoLoader, OLAP Server with MDDB data store, TSO, VI, PVCS, ISPF, ERWIN, Migration Mapping, BMC Tools, Candle, Platinum Tools, OMEGAMON. E-Mail Pool for DDL Changes. Microsoft Project to track progress of Timelines & Deliverables. IBM Parallel Sysplex CMOS based SMPs. ESCON shared disk subsystem. DB2 Connect. Change Manager, Endevor, WAAPDSUT to generate volume keys and data (ALC based) . Use Java, J2EE, OS/390, zOS, BRIO for GUI database retrieval. Vality’s Integrity Tool for key generation and data voluminization. WLM (Work Load Manager) to balance connections across multiple DB2 UDB instances for OS/390 running on a Parallel Sysplex Configuration. Write nine COBOL Programs as VALITY assists. DB2 Query Patroller (to Automatically put large queries on hold so that they can be canceled or scheduled to run during off-peak hours and Track and cancel runaway queries).

Performance Management:- PC based caching, LAN to gateway, Tuxedo tuning, WAN to DB2, Network performance (delay parameters, buffer sizes, TCP/IP), DB2 performance on host. S/390 tuning, RS6000 tuning, DASD tuning. DB2 I/O, define Tablespaces, SQL tuning, Install EEE V7.1 using SMP/E. Online REORG, Load Partition Parallelism, Online Load Resume. Key hashing and allocation across partitions. Node Group creation and configuration. TPF Project for Medicare files. Ensure Database Security. Load the data to the database. Extensive use of REORGS and RUNSTATS, Stored Procedures and Triggers. Lead V5.2 to V7.1 Migration. SMS and DMS storage utilization. BMC Tools. DB2 Utilities/Monitors.

11/00 to 1/01 –Met Life – DB2 DBA – Participate in Performance Tuning DB2 UDB EE, EEE, S390 and NT Systems. Used ERWIN for data modeling exercises to verify/alter referential integrity relationships. Use MAESTRO for automatic scheduling of scripts. Use Explain and Visual Explain for Index and Access Path analysis.Use Websphere and Weblogic for proof of concept. Tuning efforts involved, Segmented Tablespaces, Partitioned Tablespaces, Nodegroups, Hashing, Bufferpool Tuning, Largest table tuned was 430 Million rows, and the smallest table tuned was 20 Million rows. Total size of all databases tuned was 5 terabytes. Tuned tables in both SMS and DMS Storage Modes.

Operating Systems - AIX 4.3, OS/390, zOS, RS6000 H80, RS6000 SP2 and NT

Hardware/Software – RS6000/SP2s loosely coupled multiple servers in Cluster Loops.

Also S390 and numerous PCs. SMP and MPP. Use PERL Compile Scripts. Four major UDB Databases. DEL, IXF and ASC Import and Load modes. Declare Partitioning Keys. UDFs, UDTs. Verify partitioning key mapping. Incorporate local indexes for partitioning.. Use both Intra and Inter parallelism modes. Define development frames for database partitions. Use Micro Focus Cobol to test COBOL programs. Generate Summary Tables. Use BMC Change Manager for OS/390, SQL with MVS. DB2 Object manipulation. KSH, KORN Shell and SQL scripts. Query Patroller.

6/00 to 10/00 – Navistar – DB2 DBA and ORACLE DBA – Participate in the building of a Data Warehouse to facilitate the automated production of vehicles using extensive robotics and other completely automated procedures. Data is gathered from numerous other databases and replicated to the tables comprising the Data Warehouse. Involved in data modeling using ERWIN to create table and Tablespace DDLs. Create some Java Stored Procedures and triggers to kick off when, updating and adding of table rows.

UBD Instance Management. UDB Server Configuration Management. UDB Software Maintenance on servers. Testing. Also test the use of DJRA (Data Joiner) as an alternative replication function

Software:- DB2 UDB V6.1 using NT. Replication using Control Center features. DB2 Work Group. NT 4.0 DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition (EE). Star Schema. Dimensional Modeling. Enterprise Transaction Processor by Intellusion. Capture and Apply program usage for replication. XRC (Extended Recovery Component). Asynchronous replication feature. Interval Timing. Data Blocking. Create various Subscription Sets. Update Anywhere. Dependent Replicas. Conflict Detection. JDBC driver for Common Server UDB V5.2. Webshpere connections using Java. DB2JSTRT.exe, Hyperion Essbase Data Source Definition. Mircosoft SQL Server Definition. NT 4.0. DJRA..

Hardware:- NT4.0 Enterprise Edition Cluster Active Configuration with DB2 UDB 6.1. Multiple Cluster Fiber Channel Configuration. External Storage Array. RAID 1 + 0. Numerous physical drives. Dual ports per node. Install V6.1 and Fix Pack 4.

01/00 to 6/00 - CSC - Health Care – DB2 Systems Architect – Technical Project Leader - Establish system information requiremments using analysis of Information Engineers in the development of enterprise-wide large and medium scale information systems. Produce/modify 250 CICS Screens and extract data from VSAM Files. Apply CICS expertise to HIMR and make this Online Inquiry System a viable entity including the capability of displaying over 450 Claim Lines across half a dozen Inquiry Types. Program Audit. Use COBOL LE and compare to COBOL II VS in bench mark tests. CWF Trouble Shooting. Analytically and systematically evaluate problems of the HIMR Online systems across all high and low level work flows, organization and planning, and develop corrective action. Provide daily expertise and direction to staff, Business Strategy and Training support. Monitoring and tuning for all HIMR and other CICS entities and resources.

Hardware:- IBM S390s Parallel Sysplex 9672-R x 5, IBM 9672-ZZ7.



DB2 DSN1 UTILITIES. DB2 Install V6.1 using SMP/E.


08/99 to 01/00 IBM/HMTC – DATA ARCHITECT, DB2 DBA, DB2 Systems Programmer, for a major Trauma Center - Migration of DB2 UDB V2.0 to UDB V6.1. Evaluate the current database for performance tuning requirements. Evaluate current approach to performance tuning requirements. Document the recommended approach for performance tuning. Tune the database. Largest Table was 50 million rows. Collect statistics from the Catalog Tables. Define and create a maintenance schedule. Take Off-line and On-line backups. Roll forward recovery. Produce EEE work evidence for Top Management as follows:-

1. Database Design and Performance Tuning Considerations.

2. Database log maintenance, backups, restart, reorg, restore, disaster recovery.

3. Create Nodegroups and identify Nodes for Tablespaces, EEE. Set up db2nodes.cfg.

4. Design databases for parallel individual partitions for EEE.

5. Partition Database across multiple independent EEE processors.

6. Hash partitioning key distribution for EEE usage (Autoloader / Splitter).

7. Load balance and Redistribute data across EEE NodeGroups.

8. Identify multiple User License options for EEE.

9. Based on work load and work speed, produce a EE vs EEE cost/benefits analysis.

Hardware:- Multiple RS6000 SP2 and H80 , IBM SP POWER/POWER2 SMP processors - 512mhz.

Software:- AIX Version, ADSM, CRONTAB, HACMP, SMIT, DB2 UDB.

Splitter, AutoLoader, IVP6, XTI, ISPEC, OSF, NIST, CDE, MKSYSB,

3/99 to 08/99 Intercon Inc. DB2 DBA, ORACLE DBA using DB2 V5.0 through V6.1 Universal Data Base Enterprise Edition Extended (EEE). Responsible for the design and implementation of all DB2 related objects and activities on all Client platforms for a large Telephone Billing System such as:- 1. AS400, 2. MainFrame DOS/VSE and OS/390. 3. RS6000 AIX, Responsible for the inter-connection between all platforms and the Web.

Used DDF, DRDA, TCP/IP, SNA, DB2 Connect, ERWIN (forward and reverse engineer databases), Control Center, DB2 SDK, DB2 Parallelism, Roll Forward Recovery, UDTs, Triggers, ODBC, APIs, DB2ICRT. Data for all DB2 Tables and GUI Windows. Install and test ORACLE 9.1. POC DB2 to ORACLE Conversion. HP-UX. Use ERWIN to create ORACLE DDLs. Write Standards for ORACLE 9.1. Hold DB2 Classes for DB2 DBAs and DB2 Developers. Produce usage Standards for SQL Server 7 database applications.

Participate in a SAP POC Project, manipulate SAP tables, SAP R3 Implementation. Identify

SAP resources, Validate requirements to SAP solution, use of Options Palette, Button Bar,

Status Bar, Multiple Sessions, Base Configuration, Business Navigation, SAP Table load and unload, Document Creation, SAP Report generation,SQL Server 7 POC.

Software:- VA Gen, Smalltalk, SAP R3, ABAP/4, CICS 4.1 on S390 Sysplex. WLM , DSETPASS, EXPLAIN P_TABLE. DB2 Query Patroller.

12/97 - 4/99 SAIC, Inc. DB2 DBA / Project Manager/ DB2 Systems Programmer for the conversion of a large federal agency M204 application to a COBOL LE, CICS - DB2 system. Use OMEGAMON for Performance Monitoring. Used Changeman for Version Control. MVS OS/390. Install V6.1 using SMP/E. SQL. MQ series storage and queues. Migration V2.1 to V5.1. DB2 Utilities. DB2 Recovery. Use COBOL LE for Y2K file conversions. Platinum Tools. TPF debugging. Distributed Environment. Conversion of IMS for Y2K. Install IMS using SMP/E. SAP. Use DB2 datasets for IMS (share SMP/E datasets).

8/97 – 12/97 - Marriott - Project Manager and DB2 DBA engagement with major area hotel and hospitality enterprise responsible for developing world wide Year 2000 compliant time zone processing system using TPF, ALC, COBOL, CICS, DB2, MVS, SQL.



International Exposure – Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree