Peningo Systems, Inc.






Technical Areas:


Over 20 years of experience. Oracle Consultant with an expertise in Software, Database Design and Architecture. Has a strong background in Oracle RAC 10G (expertise), Oracle RAC installation and configuration in Linux Cluster environments, Data modeling, Oracle, Oracle DBA, Oracle Migrations (including Solaris to AIX Oracle migrations), Oracle Financials, Oracle Performance and Tuning Manager, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Data Mart, Oracle 8i/9i, OO, Data Warehouse and Architecture skills combined with an extensive knowledge of J2EE and .NET Architectures. Clustering expertise: Sun Cluster 2.2 and 3.0,VCS, AIX-Pseries, Sun Cluster 2 and 3, RAC and UDB EEE.




06/1984, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

B.S. Computer Science


06/1990, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. MA

M.S. Computer Science.




U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran. E-6 Sonar.

OAUG Charter Member

IBM Developerworks Partner

Quest Oracle Consultant Partner

Embarcadero Partner

BMC Development Partner

Microsoft 64 Bit Beta tester.

Technology Summary


Hardware: Intel, Sun, HP, RISC, MAC, and Sequent, IBM, EMC Symmetric


Operating Systems: NT, Unix, NetWare, Openvms, Ultrix, Dos, System, MVS, VM, AIX, Macos, SCO, and NextOS, Solaris, HP/UX, Linux, OS/390


Object Databases: Poet, Gemstone, Objectivity DB, Objectstore


Databases: Oracle, Sybase, Ingres, Informix, DB2, UDB, RDB, Xbase, Rbase, Dbase,

Quadbase, FoxPro, Watcom, Paradox, SQLBase, Access, 4-D, SQLServer


Case Tools: Erwin, Silverrun, DecModel, System Architect, PowerDesigner, Rational Rose, Paradigm Plus, Oracle Financials, Peoplesoft 8.0, SAP


Performance Tools: SQA Robot, LoadRunner,Precise, HP Glance, SyMON, Perf, Sar, CA
Advise, UniCenter, BMC, Oracle Performance and Tuning Manager.


Database Tools: Platinum DBA Advantage, SQL Station, SQLProgrammer, and Adventus, Cast Workbench, Embarcadero DBArtisan, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Informatica, Infopump, Brio, Business Objects, Oracle Data Mart.


Internet Technologies: ASP, Active-X, Java, XML, XSL,XSLT,IFSJSP, HTML, EJB, and RMI, IFS, Oracle 8i/9i,OPS,Sun Cluster, Apache, Web-Logic, Web-Sphere


OLAP Datawarehouse Tools: Informatica, Brio, Datajunction, Embarcadero ETL, Cognos Impromptu, Knosys OLAP tools.





3/2004 - 6/2005

Dell Professional Services/ EMC Westboro, Massachusetts


Industry: Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Database Lead Migrated Oracle 11i from Windows, HP, AIX, Solaris to Linux - dell and emc hardware - clustered with OCFS and 10g RAC



         Upgraded current 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 - we are one of the first companies to do this

         Hired as Database and Oracle Applications Architect to implement a multi-architecture deployment of 11.5.9. System consisted of several HP-PA Risc Application Servers and RAC based HP-UX Itanium servers. Installed and configured the hardware, OS, raid and LVM setup Installed 11.5.9 and ported it to a RAC environment.

         Developed all cloning routines, backup and startup scripts to be used across all of the various servers.

         Migrated data from an existing legacy based manufacturing and financial system to Oracle apps using Oracles Data pump and Brio.

         Setup Oracle Express server to utilize Oracle FSA.

         Installed and configured Oracle Collaboration Suite on HP-UX and Redhat Linux AS 3.0.

         I migrated the existing HP-UX environment to a P690 AIX LPAR environment.

         Installed AIX 5.2 software, configured LUNS, migrated database and reconfigured and patched up to existing patch level.

         Provided all database tuning to existing systems using my 20+ yrs of RDB expertise


1/2000 - 2/2004

Oracle Corp Ft Lauderdale, FL - Boston, MA


Industry: Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical Database Guru Installed and configured Oracle Collaboration Suite - Oracle WebMail, Calendar and conferencing.


         Designed 5 terabyte warehouse for historical and reporting information using cognos business intelligence series tools and Oracle warehouse builder.

         Migrated from a Legacy based Financial package to Oracle 11.5.9 ERP and CRM. Installed and configured QA, Development and Production instances on Windows 2003 Servers, Linux and AIX servers. Provide all tuning, cloning, 24 X 7 support for production environment. We are the 1st company running Oracle 11.5.9 in production.

         Migrated all application and database servers to AIX 5.1 and RedHat AS 3.0 Linux running Oracle 10gRAC and 10g Application servers. Linux servers running OCFS 2.1. and Redhat Advanced server 2.1 and 3.0.

         Mentor and lead a team of 12 Junior DBAs and 5 developers. Provide guidance and training on a monthly basis to DBAs and developers on different subjects related to database performance, sql tuning, EJB and stored procedure design.

         Monitor in production, development and QA over 100 database Instances V Oracle 9i, 10g, Sybase 12.5, Informix 7 and UDB EEE 8.1.

         Implemented Oracle HTB using Concerto Medical applications Portal. Designed HL7 compliant data model using HTB extensions. Designed Single Sign-on access to vital laboratory and radiology data.

         Installed and configured Informatica Powercenter 7. Developed several BI feeds for Sales forecasting and analysis of various drug characteristics using SQLServer 2000.

         Installed and configured over 15 Oracle 11.5.9 Servers on Redhat Advanced Server Linux 2.1, AIX and 3.0 servers, Redhat 9.0 on developers machines. Configured and setup Sybase 12.5 ASE, Oracle 9i and UDB on all machines, also configured Oracle 9iRAC on Linux and AIX using VCS.

         In charge of performance tuning and Database Architecture for the existing Oracle 9i and UDB EEE database systems running on AIX and Solaris on RS6000 and SunCluster 3.0 with Oracle 9i RAC on a pair of Sun E10k's....Set up all of the hardware and configured and installed all of the cluster software.

         Setup all cluster agents for VCS on AIX and Linux. Provide tuning and monitoring of system on 24 X 7 basis using pocket SA/DBA.

         Installed and Configured Oracle Pharmaceutical version 4.0, install and configuration including setting up a cluster of 9ias Application Servers, Oracle 9.2 RAC Instance, Oracle Clinical 4i.

         Developed all interfaces in JSP between existing medical systems and Oracle Clinical. Load balanced and tuned all web servers. Provided 24 X 7 support for Clinical apps.

         Developed Custom forms and interfaces in Java for Oracle Application extensions for Istore and Manufacturing. Development done in Jdeveloper and Forms 9i.

         Developed extensive text search oracle packages that index xml documents for retrieval by physicians. Produces an html output from Oracles XDK.

         Several Installations of Oracle RAC on Linux using SAN andf EMC disk arrays. Also setup demos using firewire shared cluster.

         Ported several Sybase AS12.5 database servers to Oracle 9i RAC, ported stored procedures, java stored procedures, XML code.

         Installed and configured over 15 Oracle 11.5.9 Servers on Redhat Advanced Server Linux 2.1, AIX and 3.0 servers, Redhat 9.0 on developers machines. Configured and setup Sybase 12.5 ASE, Oracle 9i and UDB on all machines, also configured Oracle 9iRAC on Linux and AIX using VCS.

         Beta site for Oracle 10g. Installed and configured Oracle grid computing on a pair of clustered Sun 6800s. Ported existing sales application to Oracle 10g.



05/94 12/99 Database Applications Architect


Manhattan, NYC


My primary role has been Oracle and UDB/DB2 Database Guru and Architect. In this role my responsibilities were architecting, implementing and managing all of the middle tier and back-end database related tasks.


My daily tasks consist of the following duties:


      Database Architect and Lead DBA for over 5 implementations of UDB EEE 6 & 7 on AIX, Solaris and HP/UX Platforms. Migration of existing DB2 Databases on MVS platforms to UDB AIX.

      Convert Oracle Databases from version 7 to 8, 8 to 9.

      Utilized Cognos ETL Tools to load and clean data.

      Installed and configured Oracle 10.7 and 11.0 for several clients. Installations configured for Parallel and Rac environments.

      Installed and configured Oracle Parallel server on Sun, RS6000 and HP9000 environments.

      Managing a staff of 4 developers, 5 DBAs and 3 QA engineers. Manage tasks using Microsoft Project 2000. QA is done using Rational Rose SQA Suite. The site has been developed in component based architecture. It consists of JSP, Java on the front-end, EJB on the application server and Oracle, UDB and Sybase 12 ASE on the backend.

      Convert Existing Oracle and Sybase databases to UDB AIX platform. Utilized UDB Conversion tools for data migration, converted all stored procedures and sql code to be compliant with UDB.

      Set up Eseries Cluster server AIX CSM, all hardware and software, provided extensive t esting for failover between systems.

      Install and maintain Teradata CRM. Installed and configured Teradata Database V2R5.0 on NCR MP-RAS Unix and Windows 2000.

      Wrote several Java interfaces using Websphere studio and Visual Age for Java.

      Providing 24 X 7 Database and web site support. We installed Pocketdba and PocketSa for the remote monitoring of the database and servers. The application servers are windows 2000 machines running Apache, Weblogic and ColdFusion Server. We have a high availability system that I setup. It consists of 2 Pix Firewalls and 2 Cisco Local Directors. The Database environment is 2 Sun E4500s clustered together with sun cluster 3.0. There are 2 A1000s running Veritas Volume manager and is setup with hardware raid as raw file systems. We are running Oracle 9i using Real Application Clusters and UDB EEE database. I setup the entire environment using Solaris 9, Sun Cluster 3.0, and Veritas File System.

      Optimize JDBC and java stored procedure code. Provide stress testing and scaleable using thin vs OCI driver. Web Logic EJB performance tuning.

      Architecting and managing the database schema using Embarcadero ERStudio, Erwin and PowerDesigner. The schema consists of about 400 tables. It was designed to very object-oriented. We use java stored procedures and try to keep all of the SQL code within stored procedures. This simplifies maintenance and tuning and maximizes performance.

      Designing Reports when needed using Brio and Informatica. There are about 10 canned reports that I created that are web-based and can be run by customers at any time. We also have Oracle Discoverer 4i running so that customers can actually create their own reports via a web interface.

      Designed IBM Redbrick DataWarehouse and migrated existing data using the Ascential ETL tools.



10/1990 - 05/1994 Database Consultant Lead Engineer

Ernst & Young

Manhattan, NYC


E&Ys technology practice specializes in large scale system implementation for fortune 500 companies. The technology teams work usually consists of about 15-20 engineers and business analysts. These are some of the most dedicated people in the business. There will work as many hours as needed to meet all deadlines. I never missed a deadline and learned to be a team player.


My role was to work along with business analysts and end users to define and architect the business flow as it relates to a relational model. I would learn the customers business and start to design some logical business diagrams using various modeling tools that would change based on the customers needs. From the logical models, I would design the physical implementation of the database. When the engineers started to code, I would work side by side with them to provide SQL knowledge. When Java first came on the scene, I learned to write JDBC code so that I could help when needed with development.


My daily tasks varied from project to project, but all of them had these similar duties:


      Lead Database Architect. It was my role to head the database team and make all final decisions concerning design and modifications to the schema. We used Erwin, Rational Rose and Powerdesigner for modeling tools. Was the lead Java developer and DBA on over 5 ERP and CRM implementation of Oracle.

      Installed and maintained Websphere for several clients. Migrated data, installed application servers, migrated legacy code.

      Lead Database Administrator. It was also my role to act as the primary database administrator. All performance tuning and database tasks would be signed off by me. Many of the projects involved supervising a staff of 6 to 10 DBAs. I was also the chief technologist for all database performance tuning and implementation. Some of the databases we worked on were several hundred gigabytes to terabyte financial systems.

      Technologies used were Java, Oracle, Powerbuilder 5 & 6,PL/SQL, Sybase 11.5, DB2 7.0, and SQLServer 6.5. Designed several large data warehouses in DB2 Warehousing and Oracle Express.

      Convert Sybase 11.5 Environment to Oracle 8 and DB2 7.0. Stored procedures, shell scripts, JDBC code.




1/1988 - 10/1990 Database Consultant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA.



My primary duties at MIT consisted of the following:


      Developed several prototype cross-platform gui applications using Omnis 7, MPW and Uniface. These applications were designed using Kerberos authentication (the technology would later be used 10 yrs later as the authentication for Windows 2000).

      Designed and Architected MITs first implementation of Sybase and Oracle. Sybase was running on a pair of Clustered Vax 780s, Oracle was installed on a prototype version of the Digital Alpha processor.

      Installed and configured several Ingres Database implementations on Vax Ultrix and OSF. MIT was one of the first institutions to use Ingres as its database.

      Provided database support for initial implementation of Peoplesoft. MIT converted all of its home grown applications to Peoplesoft HR.

      Installed and configured Gemstone database. Used Parc Place visualworks smalltalk to design and OO interface for a facilities management project.




1/1982 - 1/1988 Principal Database and Systems Engineer

Digital Equipment Corp

Acton, MA.


Digital Equipment Corporation was a pioneer in the field of database technologies. Vax RDB was one of the first relational databases designed after DB2. The minicomputer (vax) was the driving force behind the technology.


Worked on the design and development of Vax RDB from conception. My role as Database Engineer allowed me to utilize all of my knowledge that I learned during my college years.

Wrote several underlying interfaces and custom reports using C and Vax Basic.


The Vax/RDB team consisted of 25 of Digitals brightest engineers. They were hand selected from a variety of schools at the time.


Relational technology was just beginning to be understood. Digital had been developing several products using a hierarchical database called DBMS-32. Although very effective, the push was to deliver a relational product.


My primary duties at Digital consisted of the following:


      Started out as a Software Engineer working on Project Athena. Designed an advanced Message Queuing System using Vax C and Digitals RDB.


      Promoted to Principal Software Engineer and re-assigned to work on Digitals internal database development team that designed Vax RDB. Worked on designing the internal metadata dictionary and SQL interface to Vax RDB. Developed the interface using Vax C.


      Worked on Vax Cluster technology (the predecessor to Oracle 9i RAC). Provided design and installation techniques for clustering and performance tuning.