Peningo WebSphere Eclipse Development Consultants
Welcome the Peningo WebSphere Eclipse Consultant Page.  Peningo for
years has provided developers with expertise in Eclipse based
application development for WebSphere. We have experiences in
implementing and developing application for WebSphere with Eclipse.
The following are some of the WebSphere / Eclipse development areas
and Solutions the we can support:

  • Eclipse Development
  • Rational Software Development Kit
  • Plug-ins Development
  • Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
  • Rational Web Development for WebSphere Software
  • WebSphere Business Modeler
  • WebSphere Development Studio
  • WebSphere Integration Developer
  • WebSphere Studio for Devices Developer
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Peningo WebSphere Eclipse Development Consultants
Has contacting vendors to hire IBM WebSphere Eclipse Peningo
Systems, you have another option for retaining the WebSphere
expertise you need...but... at drastically reduced hourly rates. We
have supported and provided IT Consultants with the expertise
in the IBM WebSphere product line to "end clients" for years. We
know your requirements!    If you are considering contacting IBM
IGS or another of the "
Prestigious ones", then please also
consider Peningo
Email us your WebSphere Eclipse requirements
to .