For years Peningo has provided Consultants with VMWare Virtualization
expertise to vendors and IT Professional Service organizations.  We can
support your VMWare Consulting needs. Many of our Consultants have
extensive experiences providing VMWare Consulting via the leading
"Professional Services" Organizations. The following are some of the
VMWare areas we can support:

  • Virtualization Architecture
  • VMware ESX Server
  • VMware GSX Server
  • VMware PV2
  • VMware VMFS
  • VMware Virtual SMP
  • VMware VirtualCenter
  • VMware High Availability
  • VMware Consolidated Backup
  • VMware VMotion
  • VMware DRS
  • VMware Converter
  • VMware ACE
  • VMware Certified Professional Consultants (VCP)
Has contacting vendors to hire VMware Consultants ever have left you
feeling "Blue"?  With Peningo Systems, you have another option for hourly
rates. We have supported and provided for years IT Consultants with
VMware expertise to "end clients". We know your requirements!    If you're
considering contacting VMware Professional Services or a "
One" directly to hire one of their VMWare Consultants, please consider
Email us your Virtualization requirements to
Peningo VMware Virturalization Consultants
Virtualization - VMware Consultants