Peningo Oracle Security Consultants - Oracle Security Consulting
Peningo Systems provides Oracle Security Solutions consultants with expertise in architecting and
deploying Identity  Management, LDAP Directories, Single/Reduced Sign-On (SSO), Access
Management, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), Compliance and Auditing Technologies,
Federated Identity, and Security Infrastructure Design,.  The follow is a list of some of the Oracle
Security Solutions that we can support:
Peningo Oracle Security Consultants
With Peningo Systems gives you another option
for retaining Professional Services level Oracle
Consultants at lower prices.  If you're considering
contacting Oracle or one of the "Prestigious
Ones" directly to hire an Oracle Consultant,
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  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
  • Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
  • Oracle  Identity  Federation (OIF)
  • Oracle Internet  Directory (OID)
  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
  • Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Oracle Identity Governance
  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Identity Management Consulting
  • Access Management Consulting
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Security Consultants provided by Peningo Systems.
If you have any special requests or requirements, please email us at .