Peningo Oracle Transportation Management Consultants - Oracle Transportation Management Consulting
Peningo Systems provides IT Consultants with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Technical
and Functional expertise on site or remotely.   The follow is a list of some of the Oracle OTM and
Oracle Supply Chain solutions/modules that we can support:
Peningo Oracle Transportation Management Consultants
With Peningo Systems gives you another option
for retaining Professional Services level Oracle
Consultants at lower prices.  If you're considering
contacting Oracle or one of the "Prestigious
Ones" directly to hire an Oracle Consultant,
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Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Global Order Promising, Oracle
Inventory optimization, Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Rollout and support of Oracle VCP and OTM
  • Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)
  • Oracle In-Memory Logistics Command Center (LCC)
  • Oracle OTC  and OTM Functional Consulting
  • Configuring and Customizing Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning,
    Global Order Promising, Inventory optimization, Oracle Transportation
    Management (OTM)
  • OTM Implemenation
  • Fusion Transportation Intelligence (FTI)
  • Logic Configuration Configuration and Tuning
  • Oracle eBS integration with BPEL
  • OTM Integration Mapping
  • OTM log troubleshooting
  • OTM sql command configuration
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Transportation Management (OTM) Consultants provided by Peningo Systems. .