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Peningo Systems has provided Blue Yonder - JDA Software Consulting for years. Peningo Systems
can provide Blue Yonder / JDA Software / Manugistics Consultants in the following areas:
Peningo Blue Yonder Consultants - JDA Consultants
Supply & Demand Optimization

Enterprise Planning
JDA Enterprise Planning
JDA Assortment Planning
JDA Performance Analysis
JDA Allocation
JDA Enterprise Knowledge Base
JDA Size Scaling
JDA Channel Clustering
With Peningo Systems, you have
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Yonder / JDA Software  Functional
expertise that you need. We have
supported and provided for years IT
Consultants with Blue Yonder / JDA
Software expertise to "end clients" at
the Professional Services level. If
you're considering contacting JDA  
directly to retain a BY / JDA Functional
Consultant, please consider Peningo!
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JDA Trade Event Management for Retail
JDA Trade Promotions Management
JDA Advertising  
JDA Promotions Management  
JDA Markdown Optimization  
JDA Promotions Optimization  
JDA Shelf Price Optimization  
Space & Category Management

JDA Efficient Item Assortment  
JDA Space Planning  
JDA Floor Planning  
JDA Shelf Assortment
JDA Intactix Knowledge Base  
JDA Space Automation  
JDA Channel Clustering  
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JDA Demand  
JDA Seasonal Profiling
JDA Demand Decomposition
Supply & Manufacturing Management
JDA Master Planning  
JDA Sequencing  
JDA Allocation  
JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment  
JDA Advanced Store Replenishment  
JDA Vendor Managed Replenishment  
JDA Network Optimization  
JDA Fulfillment  
JDA Dynamic Demand Response  
JDA Size Scaling  

JDA Point-of-Sale  
JDA Back-Office System  
JDA Workforce Management  
JDA Customer Relationship Management

JDA Transportation Planning
JDA Logistics Procurement
JDA Freight Order Management
JDA Freight Audit & Payment  
JDA Shipment Execution  
JDA Fleet Management  
JDA Logistics Event Management & Visibility

JDA Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul  
JDA Procurement Management
Merchandise Operations  

JDA Portfolio Merchandise Management  
JDA Merchandise Management System  
Performance Management

JDA Reporting
JDA Merchandise Performance

JDA Enterprise Architecture
JDA Monitor
About JDA Software - Manugistics Demand Chain Management Software

JDA Software offers a complete supply and demand chain industry-specialized suite with the depth and breadth of capabilities necessary for
and across the extended value chain, synchronizing decisions by all stakeholders from manufacturing through distribution to the retail shelf.

JDA's comprehensive solutions address the mission-critical requirements that drive to one view of demand. The following are the strategic
categories that Peningo Systems can provide Consultants with functional expertise:

Supply & Demand Optimization
•        Transportation & Logistics Management
•        Store Systems
•        Merchandise Operations
•        Contract Manufacturing
•        Performance Management
•        Platform
•        Revenue Management
JDA acquired Manugistics in July 2006 to expand its end-to-end supply chain offering and bring unparalleled optimization to the market.
Manugistics’ demand and supply chain solutions have enabled JDA to expand and grow with solutions for manufacturing, demand and
replenishment, price and promotions optimization, and transportation and logistics. Our additional size, scale, and innovation has enabled us to
further re-think the traditional way of viewing how to optimally supply goods to the consumer. By combining the leadership of JDA and
Manugistics, JDA is uniquely positioned to provide retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and service industries customers with solutions
Prior to the aquisiton, Manugistics was the industry-leading demand and supply chain solution that was designed to help improve revenue and
margin growth, drive value from existing legacy systems, and allow its customers to easily sense and respond to ever-changing business
events. These best-in-class solutions provided greater data visibility, responsiveness, and synchronization for more accurate planning,
continuous optimization and flawless execution. As a result, Manugistics’ customers achieved reduced costs and improved customer experience.
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Peningo Systems.