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The IBM Security Identity Manager family of products can help you securely
manage access to business-critical applications and data while giving users
fast, convenient access to the information they need. These solutions provide
centralized authentication, policy management and access control services
for Web resources, systems and hosted applications.  

For years Peningo has supported software vendors providing expertise in the
area of IBM Security Identity Manager and Identity Management Consulting.
The following is a list of some of the IBM Security areas we can support:

  • IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Consulting (iTIM)
  • IBM Security Identity Manager Consulting (iSIM)
  • IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager (TFIM)
  • Tivoli Risk Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager
  • IBM Tivoli Security Operation Manager
  • Identity Management Implementation
  • Identity Lifecycle management
  • Identity control
  • Identity federation
  • Identity foundation
  • Single Sign-On / SSO Implementation
  • Security Architecture for Enterprise Applications
Peningo IBM Security Identity Manager Consultants
Has contacting vendors to hire IBM Tivoli Access Manager
Consultants ever have you feeling "Blue"?  With Peningo
Systems, you have another option for retaining the Tivoli TAM
rates. For years we have supported and provided IT
Consultants with the expertise in the IBM Tivoli TAM  to "end
clients". If you are considering contacting IBM Global
Services to hire an IBM Security Consultant,  then please also
consider Peningo. Click here to
Contact Peningo   
If your organization has an IT Staffing or IBM security Consulting
need for a IBM Security / Tivoli Security Resource, please email
Peningo Systems at . If you wish to speak with
someone from Peningo Systems, please call 914-921-3102, or
click here to contact Peningo.
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