Peningo Systems, Inc.
Welcome to the Peningo Systems Advocacy Page. While this area of our site is
still being constructed and refined, we would like to provide an immediate
method for you to voice your opinion to our Representatives.  In near future we
are going to provide links to pages that support our position on certain issues
that effect our niche in the IT Consulting Industry. We will also provide you with
downloadable sample letters to be sent to our Representatives addressing our
specific issues.

If your ready to voice your Opinion now, please to go  When you
enter the site, there will be a dialog Box for you to enter your Zip Code. Below is
a screen shot of the Dialog Box.
All you do is enter your Zip Code and click go.  For now we can ignore the "Take
Action By Issue" Dialog Box.

Once you type in your Zip code and click go, the following will appear. (for this
example, we put in the zip code for Peningo Systems. 10580)
Once your get to the "Elected Officials
Page" for your Zip Code, you may be
prompted to enter the additional 4 digits of
your Zip code. This is done if your Zip code
has splits the Legislative Districts.

To write a letter or compose an email to your
representatives, go to the upper section of
the page under the solid blue bar and click
the group you wish to contact. Under the
blue bare it should say "Write to your
Federal or State elected officials with one
click, or just go to the individual pages
linked below"

For this example, we will click "Federal".
Once you click Federal, the screen to the left should appear with an option
to email or create a printed letter. While you can choose, printed letter, to
help facilitate the process, i would recommend, selecting just email.

At this point, you will fill in your subject line, then select a Issue area. Most
our issues will fall under Immigration, Labor and Taxes (as Offshoring of
Jobs to support Operation in the USA and the hiring of H1B Visa and L1 Visa
holders allow Corporations to avoid contributing to Social Security and

We will soon have sample issue letters for you to cut and paste into the
Editable text area. If you are ready now, please add your opinion in the
Editable Text box.
Once you have composed your letter, then you need to fill out the Sender

Once you completed your send info, then select or un-select the options
Once you completed the sender information, can then go to Option 4 to
improve your email viability.

Once you done with Option 4, you can then click Send Message.
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It's a lot to ask of one Ant to take on a Turkey, but
thousands of Ants can kick this Turkey's Butt!!
We need to spread the word and let our
Representatives know our position on the issues
that effect our IT consulting Industry and what
we expect from them!!!   Email Congress  and
your State Representatives today